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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

it is all about me
my fault
the things i do
the things i say
the words i say
every part of me is inperfect to you
everything about me is wrong
what am i good at
All i ask is for your attention
All i ask is for you to not care so much about your CCA so much
spend aome more time with me
love me more
Am i Wrong
Everytime i talk to you is
my CCA this and That
When have you taken the initiative to come down all the way from your school to look for me
without me asking
Everything is i have to ask
Why is it me ?
Why must i always do the asking ?
Why must i do the decision making ?
I am sorry i am so inperfect
I am sorry i am the girl you once knew
I am sorry i have work to do
I am sorry i cant be there for you when you take your exam
I am sorry for the way i am now
I am sorry for picking on you
I am sorry that Everything about me is wrong.
I am sorry if i am so sensitive to your words
I am sorry i came into this world
I am sorry i met you
For wasting 4 years of your time.

Now that we have tomove on our separate ways
you take care of yourself
you will have more fun
more time for your family
your CCAs and everything you ever wanted to do
If ever our paths cross once again
maybe we could be more than friends
Why have you change to a person i do not know anymore

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