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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i was out with mei today
when i met he
i drove there
then when i saw her
i had a sudden amnesia
i donno what happend in the pass day
i said to her
today is monday
paul juts left rite for the army
she said no
today is tuesday
omg i am so getting old
am i
well than later i went out with josh and matt too
we went play arcade
later i spend the whole day with mei
she came out with me
for some time tgt
than later she went out to meet matt and josh back
well she told me somethings today i was kinda shock
her mum and dad signed the papers
and she is forced to sign.
She dono what to do
overall i had a fun day with her
at night went out with mat n josh to watch HITMAN
quite a nice show i would say
than later i went home
when i reached home no bus
i went to take taxi
ok la the taxi driver talked to me
we talked about stuff
hmm well let you know the gist of the story
welll so late alr than i took taxi rite?
taxi driver say
that next time get a guy or bf with a car
or get a car on my own
than i told him no i rather not
than i told him taking public transport is somehow cheaper
now that is kinda accessible everywhere
than i told him car needs a to pay oil. mainteinance, parking ,ERP
well the many many money which you can save up for other things
well unlesss there is a kid / children / your house is darn far from work/ you need to b on your toes everytime and car is the best mode of transport i think it is ok
but if not , car is just a WANT
than he said than get a BF who has a car la
thna i said if he has a car at the young age where he just started work
and with no income or savings
the car prob is paid mostly by parents still
and than it proves the imaturity of the guy
unless it is a NEED / NECCESSITY
travelling from 1 end of the world to the other
why not save up for a HOUSE
be it for your wife/ family etc
it is a more reasonable savings than toget a car
finding that you wont get enough money for house next time
well this is my personal tot, those who are reading it
pls don get offended
those who are starting work or thinking of geting dream cars
pls think 2 or even 3x
if it is NEED / WANT
sigapore so accesible (not like you in oversea)
Think about these things k
1st thing
is it your $$ you spending / parents? ( would you feel good ?)
2nd thing
pay for the many things
Parking, ERP, CBD. road tax, Installment, insurance for car, mainteinance.
3rd thing
meet with the many jams on the roads at peak hours (hop on an MRT / bus it is faster)
4th thing
Hunt for parking lots esp during weekends at your fav places
Speed Trap , Drink no Drive, Taffic Police everything must avoid. sigh!
is it worth all these

I love my BMW T-series

thank you for telling me
sorry if i made you sad today so many times
i am sorry
i donno how to smile
the way you want me to
sorry to make you sad
sorry if i have hurt you
i will always love you
you say you will change
you say next yr things will nv be the same
i will tell you one thing
if you don wanna change no one will change you
thank you for becoming more loving
more guai
more concientious
more loving
more caring
more cheerfull
i like the new you now
i just like it
you are happier (lest you appear to be)
i will always miss this you if you change
i don want you to chane but i leave it to you
but if it is for the better whynot
u know where i am
you know where you can find me
u know it in you
but i do hope you do not get influence to do things that are bad
it will hurt me
it will hurt all or us

nice shoppin wit u i enjoyed it
hope you like what you got
hmm lets just say.. limited edition eh!!
cool stuff you have there

thank you for sharing with me
seriously am happy to hear from you
well i would say take your time
everything will b ok
and everything will be fine
hmm when we have time we chat ok ?

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