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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Good bye my friend
i just receieved news that my friend Colin has departed from this world
i was soshock i am still in tt state
i dono what to do
what to say
how to react
when i got that sms
i stoned there for i dono how long
i just thought about the times he has passed my life
times he reached out his hands to me
I believe those who have known him would be in tt state of shock too

you always say that you are bad in this bad in that
to me this is how ithink of my lovely mei mei
academic: is paper all you looking at? is it all tt impt please good EQ is better high IQ
Sports: you are in school team something to be proud of . you know skills to protect jiejie and yourself
music : you can sing just have confidence in yoruself. the lalbye you sig v nice :) jie like
gaming : isn't tt good you not good in tt means you don get addicted to it and can spend more time loving other people. hey your CHESS skills are good .. any challenger for her to battle ?
charater : high EQ initiative. esp things like opening doors looking out for people and helping others in need.
you say you not alrounder.. please i beg - to - differ

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