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Sunday, September 30, 2007

today i ha a great day !
1st thing 1st my dear dear driving me a round... i maybe sick but i am happy coz with u around i am always alright or rather i feel better with all your tlc!

Well went to town and later watch movie with mei and dear and than later went home!

at night i went out with uncle from canada! he is one cool dude man!
you know the catholic welfare tickets we use to sell in pri /sec school! yeah he use to just pass me $10 straight without me going around too much!

cool yeah!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Sis and me ... Fun Fair

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sigh i am so sad .. supose to have a fun day but turned out bad day
i was sick sick had food poisioning .. woke up today !
sick went to school still
but when i reach iwas sick i barely can move .. i was so scared it would be like dengue last time so sad.. hospital oh my oh my! well nvm i was sick than dear had to bring me hone .. i can barely walk !

wnt home and then later went back again to school for the rest othe day .. my fever on and off..! later i called angela and she told me i had foo poisioning !!! so on right!!! sigh

But thank you dear and tessa and bros for takig care of me.. if not for you all i would not have made it home!! loveyou all !

Friday, September 28, 2007

3rd person down today ! how many more Satan ?how many people near to e do you wanna hurt? i hate you i hate you to the core.! i don ever wana see you in my life.! i don wan you to hurt my friends, those i treasure the most. Those friends i have don hurt them anymore.

Today 1st thing in the morning sis told me to ask bro to private his friendster as many ppl were looking into it. I told him. I could see he was shock and worried. But i would not have told him if i have not cared for him. Later went for a break. I heard bro talking about how much he miss his pass job etc. I can tell he misses what he use to do. Dear bro: " if you honestly miss that job, follow your dream and go for it. "

Later after lunch bro told me to take off all pics with him on this blog. I did it. Later only found out that his gf stumbled on my blog and they had a fight. I just screwed things up for him. So much I know he has always been trying to love his gf more with each day and by putting the pic up it didnt help at All! i am really sorry bro! I know you say it is no use but i would just wanna say sorry.(i truely mean it). You say to draw the line b/w us. OK! but i guess if that is what we have ended up as.. so be it.

(MR SATAN you happy to see our friendship broken?)

Tessa. Thank you for your blog you wrote for me. I am touched by what you said. You have been there for me no matter wat happen.. yes i send a sms to my boss saying i would be leaving but i know 1 thing is for sure. i cant bear to leave you all. I cant imagine days without you all. Days without your company and love. Honestly when i came to this school i nv tot i would know anyone and be so close. God put me here to take care of you . I believe this and i now i would be there for you. I donno but you mean too much to me. I will nv wanna leave you alone / lost. I care too much for you ! I would wanna walk this secondary path with you by your side. be with you always No matter what others say about you /me i wanna stay by your side. You are not shi bai, by being there for me not saying aord it is alright i reali treasure the silence we had today at the table.

Vanessa: i know you have been there the whole day today listening/worrying . I remember you came to me when mei walked away. In your soft voice you ask me "Don quit!" It means a lot. I saw your expression.

MEis: for you n those sec 2s around me ! I'll reconsider . Memories are too hard to forget. YOu all too precious liaos NOT SHI BAI but you all are my precious. I need your smile each day to move on,.. so remember to smile k ! When our path crossed again don forget to smile !

Dear: Thank you so much to hear me out. It has been so long since i have known you 5 years altogether you are always that guardian angel by my side and my dear who holds me close to your side. Though you are one end of s'pore n i am at the other. but you have always been there for me. No matter what you doing in school you will skip lesson to tok to me .

Jiejie: Thank you for spending time to tok to me. Spending your time downstairs. It realli means a lot. Thank you for all the love you have always showered on me. YOu're always one person i know will be there for me no matter how busy you are at work

Vik: Thank you for calling me 1st thing you heard. I would nv imagine you being the person to listen to me and tok to me.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

i just realise somethings i have been missing.
How God actualli put me in this place for a reason.
HE love me so much how could he ever hurt me.
Now SATAN is going for Tessa ! deardear remember one thing ;
i am always happy to be with you happy to know you!
Teacher's day card meant a lot to me.
I liked this song coz i know it is not by chance we met, it is not just by mere coincidence we were put in the class. He put us there to meet each other. You have been there for me in school.
i would in the same way be there for you.

this is for you:

Before the world began
You were on His mind
And every tear you cryI
s precious in His eyes
Because of His great love
He gave His only Son
Everything was doneS
o you would come
Nothing you can do
Could make Him love you more
And nothing that you've done
Could make Him close the door
Because of His great love
He gave His only Son
Everything was done
So you would come
Come to the Father

Though your gift is small
Broken hearts, broken lives
He will take them all
The power of the Word
The power of His blood
Everything was done
So you would come

(before i came to this school, i was a believer of +, but you have brought me to be a follower of +)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Had fun in the school today ! well Vanessa n Tessa ! it was so fun to have you all around. you all realli are the nicest girls. Just ended the conversation with them. I just felt one thing they are realli this precious to me. I would be there. Professionalism is one thing but i would always carry this 2 on my back (not literally if not may sprain my back ) .. yes. I believe there is some reason why i am here and why do i know you both.
Tessa: It is not very long since we've known but it is ok! i know one thing will nv be strange : we think alike say the same things and also. We also believe in the Same GOD! he was the one that put us in this place together. let's pull through all this together k?
Vanessa: Thank you for being my mei! you are always the quiet one but the cheerful girl who is there to poke some fun when things get a little tense.. hahaha ! you rock man ! i nv regreted knowing you !
Girls: I'll be there for you, no matter what you're going through, in my heart you'll be, forever babe, i'll remember you
hi i now in the lab with my meis and emerald.. my dears are so sweet we have been playing guitar in the lab
I am seriously touch by what tessa mei said in her blog! thank you for always having me on my mind. you realli mean a lot to me
Thank you so much for waiting for me up till so late. I am sorry k ! make you so worried! dear you are realli the sweetest girl i ever met. To be there for a friend and be there to care for another. I will be there for you when you need me next time. Don forget me ! Don ever forget me babe
Love love

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Zi Lian Photos

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me taking photo of myself

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i am hurt
I guess i donnno what degree i am hurt till but it is in silent than i let it out. no one knows no one feels the way i do. Well i have a friend whom i tresure a lot. i am happy and i thank god for giving me that friend but recently there seems to have been things going around. At first it started with a rumour about him onli but than now i guess it became to US

I was at lab today some girls walk pass, very happy to see him than i was in there too. (sometimes i realli wish i was invisible) than they were like eeeee she inside also .. don wanna go in liaos. I felt like as though my day was just trashed like tat. Forget it i donno what is wrong man! what have i done to desere a good friend but at the expense of a hurt like this. Tell me God who am i why do you do this to me. IS it a joke? is it a game you playing ?
Hurt! I donno who can heal the hurt from within.
Should i stop caring for people ? should i stop what i am doing.? Should i shower my friend with the friendship?

Monday, September 24, 2007

today was a tring but good day i would say ! it was fun and even more fun to have your close peopel by your side. However today is a bad day! coz today i have been so tired out i was shag out since 130 i just needed a rest. I thank you all for taking good care of me when i down for those who were there knows what happened. Oh my ! well i don wanna say much la! just a happy and sad day..

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It was a bright and sunny day today.. i had loads of funtoday with all my company of friends in school till something bad i heard from some people... i would say i am utterly disgusted by it..
well apparently in this school there is 2 people who's mouth is supper big.. whao i tell you i see them i feel like punching them lor.. nvm.. well they mention that some people talked about me and bro going outside school during school time to take "breathers".. well and these people go and spread to the whole entire staff room area and according to what was mention.. "I donno how they going to face the other people now" HA what a joke.. hey i was nearly laughing of my ass when i heard that.. how childish can they get.. Is it Bro too handsome they not married wanna get him.. omg!! then ask him la.. date him out.. wtf no need to resort to this actions.. well i would say i was utterly disgusted by their actions... well it is alright then they keep racking up the past... ask the students if iwas going with bro out la.. omg.. we have our own partners we are all happy and we even hear each other out on our probs..

Then dear ask me today if i am alright i was like.. i am perfectly fine.. Strong as usual and i guess i am not hurt by someone who is insignificant in my life.. Dad always teach me " only the small people think of small things others do but YOU (me) have got bigger things to worry about "
I have to totally agree with that.. i Ain't no small people and i have got more impt things to think about thn to gossip behind ppl's back.. Tired of these people... onli true friends know who they realli are..
My life, My Dear , My Family, my students and God and my students,, they are my priorities.. anyone else.. you better start queuing ( take a queue no. pls)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WHao Today hectic day man!!! stress !
Innovation week coming loads of things to get up and running for.. hahah!! it is kinda cool but very tiring for people who are in IT dept
1st things went in lab Design name tags for Fund fair - deign - print - leminate
2nd MArk Papers for the sec 2 -3 and 2-4
3rd admend score sheet for sec 1 - 3
4th (by the time these are done it would be 1:30 pm ) 2 - 4 i have lessons..
5th i have not have my break / lunch lor.. today stress ful day

Later at night i drove down to NUH see AHYI she is much better at least she can open her eyes didnt wanna tok to her as she is kinda breathless called her and that is all.. well he arms and legs are all swelled up .. as her body can no longer be able to function properly.. water retention is high.. her lungs i also clog with water.. therefore doc say good to let al the water out 1st.. i just prayer and hope god will be with her and help her to be strong.
Kor say : she doesn't even know what happen to her and how she came to this state. How she fell also she donno.. well later korkor told her what happened and than told her she has to be strong to pull through.
Knowing all these i know one thing for sure she will be strong and our family will be by her all the time - like we always did.
Oh also saw yanli (kor's wife), she is pregnent with 15 weeks.. hah conGrates! she wan a boy butkor wants a girl.. haha see la this 2.. well what God give we must accept la!!! alamak,... haha but this sat going for a scan see whether can see or not.. so good luck to 2 of you . but you all beter sleep well.. Zhuzhu already got dark rings and sick liao you all beter take care!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whao today was a fun day!! went towatch Rat... with Paul..it was fun .. we very long nv watch movie together.. well it was kinda last min decision on where to watch .. he end school early so we tot catch a movie.. than i was kinda like whao nice show.. hmm it is no wonder carmen is so interested to watch la.. hah !! well we went to PS to catch the movie.. he has his GV club tooso he used his.. hmm i was kinda happy though coz it being a tuesday means we can go eat Galare together hahah !! yeah!! hmm crazy rite you must be thinking.. well i guess after seeing some problems in my friends relationship i do learn how to treasure him more... he is always there for me helping me and giving me the attention i need. Words cant describe.. but Thank you !! I will nv forget this outing we had... After movie we went home.. he was all the while by my side .. My Guardian Angel!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

just came back from the hospital, went to see Aiyi!! we went there around 12 pm than saw her being pushed out of the bed to scan. than later saw her hand move la. was much more comforted.. tot she kanna coma. nurses say she will be back in 1/2 hours so we went to eat 1st hahah went down to at delifrance. daddy drop his egg mayo crossoint ! than we had to change chair than ask dad to go and wash up is pants. than later see dad got no more Egg i gave my egg to dad so daddy can eat a little more egg.. guessyou didn't realise it Dad! *hehe*
Than later went up to see ahyi! zhuzhu was already there. She was with her mother in laws and daniel . when i was there i just looked at her she looked like she wanted to say and tok a lot but she cnnot / rather we cannot hear her.. than later held her hand till we left

zhu zhusay: she woke up and she say she ate breakfast .. but on top of her bed says"NO FOOD BY MOUTH" and she say she drink KOPI! .. thnan we realise she already zoning in and out of the past

Later going to Suntec with Dad and paul.. eat muthus.. mum don ask me why i don go serangoon road with dad... that time i went i nearly knock down all the indians there.. it was dark.. the made it worst by blocking the lights... the thing i onli saw was their shirt.. if onli it was lighter colour..
I also going to buy Levi's jeans too.. 50% off.. hahah !! i like the cutting and i like the price.. so paul and i will go buy later.. Daddy sshopping at Carrefore... haha
show you all the pants next time.. i like it alot lor!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i am now sitting in the lab all alone.. with a student who is suppected of chicken pox!! oh well nvm it is okie!! i have it b4! well don worry for me! i will be heading to docs to get a anti chicken pox jab tonite.. hahah!! PAIN!* but for the sake of these students and me and you i would.. haha don wana pass to you .. wanna go near kids who are sick and me don wan more scares on my legs!!! yea!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

went out josh matt n daniel n amanda today to watch movie!! "no reservations" at VIVO! whao hot man the show i like it... haha !! well i kinda enjoy the company ..popcorn throwing etc.. hahah well it was fun havig them around.. back to the fun days again!! ha!
Than we went makan and tok and tok .. well managed to sit down with daniel to chat. well miss him dearli doesnt matter how he feels now as long as he is close to me..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i just ended my lesson with my dearest and most fun class.. i passed i got 844/1000 i am more than happy.. well i am happy i did not fail(not possible for me) and i am sad coz i did not get 900/1000. well also coz i wouldnot se my friend for like super long long time.. well hmm wonder how life would be like after today every mon and thurs no classes.! hmmm nvm me will still go on in life. well Just wanted to tell you all the good news that i passed

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dear confirmands 07
Hmm home from the canteen and now sitting in my bedroom stoning and wondering how did this all happen. IT was realli great to have all my pride and joy in the same committee.. doing the things that needs to be donw for the lord!! honestly i would say it would now have been possible without you all.. well i would say i do hope to work wit you all on the same project next time again but well if time permitts us.. very soon you all wil be leaving and going your separate ways but in wateva we do always remember we are doing it for the big guy up there and when you have any problems, you can always feel free to call on me / us for help.. we will always be one family.. okie!!! love you all. Thank you so much for your help

Charmaine : great job babe in the carline.. you know what you were doing and that is why i always trusted you and left you alone..

Bernie and Zeb: great job and cleaning. remember no mater what the manpower was i saw it HE saw it and i am sure CONFIRM your rewards are glowing growing in heaven

Aloysius: Last min come and help.. realli appreciate it.. you rock man1!! nice disfiguring your arm.. hey hey .. need help i'll be there sure one!!

JJ & Bianca: Hey great having you all on the team.. i know you all enjoyed yourself except for the few dull moments but well honestly hope you mixed with the other youth groups well and even the confirmands

matthew: hey the guy who does finger food.. well we made it.. i was worried we would have many lef oever.s.. thNKs for al the help . hey you have always been supporting the events i org for you all... you will reap something out of it one trust me!!!

Joshua!! : Tough day eh!!! i know how you feel but trust me you did a good job.. well u are reliable and of coz keep up that good job.. i trust you !! hmm you've grown joshua, you have!

Jared and Darius: Hmm have not exactly been working with you all for long but it was somethings about you both that is amazing somehow quietly you will work and somehow things just turn out good!!! Great JOB !

Olivia: hey babe! bakzhang would not have gone off without you all man1!! and dear it may seem boring at times.. but well hope you gain a valuable lesson out of it.. you are a great friend and worker,... i care and worry for you .. honestly .

PAul: dear you were not in any of the planning team at all.. you came you did what you can. and poff ! it was good.. you are great man!!!

To everyone !! good job ! it matters not hav much we earned but it matters on how much bonds we have builts!! memories we share and sweat we given !!Alll in the name of the lord

YM CANTEEN 2007 (090907)

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Solo Pics!
Thanks for your help Paul

Jac!! Shag out look after a long day


Justin!! miss you long long
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Joshua walking banner

Aloysius Fried Rice

Finger Food MAtt

Cleaning Crew Zeb
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Super man

Andre Making balloons


Ryan the butterful/angels with wings
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Acts 2 picture

Charmaine , Aloy and Jacob of coz me too (Group pic)

Pictures of 2 people onli!!
i like this pic alot
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Roy and ME

Kieren and Nathaniel

Yikes!! me and Jac!! you ok?

Paul and me
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