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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hmm have been busy recently

Well busy enough to not be online for a while to blog ... heee

but i guess there are somethings you just do it for the love of the BIG GUY up there
and ME

Hmm i enjoy everything and i like doing things for HIM
Recently i felt him with me so greatly and i cant wait to tell you ... he is really the almighty

There are ups and downs in your life but well most of all there is the love of GOD there to help you through the rough times and beside you through the good...

Foot prints in the sand may seem to everyone as something very cleche... butto me it truely is part of my life..

Sunday, October 29, 2006

In my life there are some people whom i miss the most and i think of every time.. there is a space deep rooted into my heart for them ... but sometimes when things go wrong we really wonder what is going on .. and when people become missing in action you wonder are they alright and this is exactly how i am feeling .. i just wonder what is going on where is he now.. what is happening and many more.. this feeling runs through my head like a bullet shot through my brains.. if he knows that i am worried about him ? well maybe he doesn't care anymore i guess ...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

hmm thinking of cutting my hair short.. hmm maybe i should give that a try .. yeah and that would be great man 1!!! very long nv cut supper short hair.. my hair is long already.. hmm last cut was near sec 2 camp that time.. talking about sec 2 camp .. do wonder how are some of the sec 2s doing .. charmain and benedette keeps in contact with me.. what about the rest.. my class ppl .. hmm pauls class zac and tiff class ppl do wonder how they are.. well exams all should be ending soon eh !!!! study hard Guys / play hard soon too

Thursday, October 19, 2006

"when i a just a little girl , i ask my mother what wil i be... will i be pretty will i be rich , heres what she said to me .."

just heard this song not long ago.. and i was thinking about the lyrics to this song

Welll this phrase always lingers in every little girls heart on marrying a rich husband striking 4D etc.. and looking like a princess and living like one.. but what i know as i grew up i realise everyting about striking rich getting a husband who is rich and looking pretty is not important at all.. what matters is your heart is your soul and your conscience.. with a heart as pure as gold and guy who loves you so much (but he is not RICH) is more important as anything else.. your riches are already accumulated in heaven,...