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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Check out my blog... Oh man must realli thank those who have helped pray for me during my exam time.. i didnt do badly.. i didn't do extremely well.. but i felt HE was by me all the way guiding me !!! thank you Guys ... you know who you all are.. Thanks once again... must go study now see you all on sunday 11 am MASS ... hey guys and girls must join us oki.. can makan after that !!! hahaz

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

After X men 3.. Photo taking with Da Vinci Code characters.. heehhehe Posted by Picasa

Jacob and Me .. my class guy!! hey no fair why they all taller than me one!!! hahaz Posted by Picasa

WWJD Camp ROX your world man Posted by Picasa

My Girls in my class.. hahaz all SJC too hahaz!!! my alma mata :)  Posted by Picasa

Gen, Tiff , Me and Zac!! Oh man This is a nice pic  Posted by Picasa

Alvin had to leave early for camp so sad la !!!! okie Well here's our Good bye to him  Posted by Picasa

Pray Over From the back View. Whao it was a splendid night i'm glad i came for the camp Posted by Picasa

Praise and Worship session Posted by Picasa

Pray Over sessions! whao it was a spirit filled session Should be there to see feel it .. He's all around  Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 29, 2006


Hi Everyone just came home from the camp.. whao it was a realli funfilled and exciting camp. the 1st camp in 7 yrs of facilitation i had sososo much fun . Well learnt loads too. Those who went. "i didnt bluff you all when i said it was gonna be fun right?"

1st day we met at 6am in church for mass hahahz.. whao an early day for me man!!! at 7 am all of us met for rosary. Gosh it was realli few ppl who joined us. We had a facils briefing etc. Than all the Sec 2s Came.. hmm guys on one side girls on the other. We started off with house rulez and than ... uncle gabriel wanted to continue to break them up but we stopped him. We played the ice breakers 1st... hahhaz .. GREEAT SHOOOEE DIVE... HAz this was fun game.. got them to know some people .. than later we broke them up into groups

Later in the day we had Games... it had to rain man !!! it just had to. Well we change of plans to play things indoor. It may seem messy but i am sure you all had fun .. Tons of it right??? later in the night we had FIRE .... Fun Interesting Rejunvernating Enjoyment. Tons of shouting tons of playing .. bomb here and there.. hahahz.. okie than they all had rosary and then left to sleep.

Day 2 Woke up super earli whao i am not in good shape man !!! sick girl for today .. i tot it would last throughout the day . I took "zyrtec" and my flu went off.. than headed to sleep for a while.. hahahz before lunch i woke up prepare for my session hahahz... it rained again.. this time change of games planned. Well despite the rain it didnt flattened my dreams of having fun with these dearies of mine... well We had captains ball. before that my voice already half pass six so the guys , greg, alvin and ivan helped out in the shouting of coz paul too and tiff zach and gen too.. All the logs and game i/c you rock the games man !!! After the game they prepared themselves for the night... hahahz meditation and prayer over.. it was sososo nice and a beautiful night i love it so much.. i like the ambience .. so beautiful and spirited. Well spent my time in prayer wanted to be prayed over but FACILS not ALLOWED hahahz !!! nvm .. when the holy eucharist came in .. whao the holy spirit camme over me like a gash of fire through my body.. it flooded my eyes i just cant stop crying .. hmm well Its a wonderful day.

Day 3 time to pack up huh !!! of coz planty of unwillingness me tooo.. i showed them their video i have made for them.. hmm.. well i just donno i enjoyed every moment with you guys... later we took a gp photo.. hahaz shiok man !!! and then we headed home.. Uncle Peter gave me a lift home. So sweet of him..

We (justin, ivan , kenneth, daniel, joshua, jc and greg and matthew) wemt out.. watch xmen 3 it is so fun to be out with them.. despite they are so commical. Hmm next time go out muz jio me too k .. i'll jio you all once my exams end.. don you worry ... 14 june.. you all make yourselves free okie!!! from that day on.. be ready to party man!!!! Girls you wanna join in just give me a buzz too .. Realli wished the girls could come.. but nvm guess next time lor...

ABove all Hope you all had fun !!! enjoy you day okie !!! LOVE YOU ALL !! YOU ROCK WWJD camp 2006

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Endless Love
Endless days and endless nights
When you see no light.
One day like the next forever it seemed,
Until I met him!He knew just what to do.
He took me by the hand and showed
Me the way, he opened my eyes
He filled my heart with the love he gave.
Everything he had was mine to take.
In return he asked one thing of me.
That I love, as he has loved me!
How could I refuse my lord my God!!
hey hey guys.. me have been having some problems recently .. whao loads of work , stress and also having all the sec 2 camp all up to the top... none the less i believe He'll see me therough... all those who reading this before the camp... please say a little prayer before you all go ok... wl heyehye... meeting those facils at 7 am in the morning on saturyda,... who interested to come along just come oke...but facils.. plse b there.. got briefing k

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

today i went to see my 4 precious baby.. they were so so cute.. now got one more.. my new one to the collection ... 5 babies... hahaz.. she is gonna be my god daughter.. haha i am so darn happy

Sunday, May 21, 2006

am talking to a drunkard now.. sigh hahahz... he is talking rubbish .. oh my mummy.... !!!! he is talking crap man!!! this is daniel the crappy guy in my life... alvin and him and justin and xiavier. they were crapping .. all of them drank.. hmm hope they had fun ... me i just stayed home the whole day.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Hey this is found on a christian website have fun watching .. kinda interesting .. must sseeee okie!!! anyways me just came home from a long day .. hgaha blog later...

Darling n me.. we took this at my home.. hahahz just him and me .. with my new colour :) Posted by Picasa
hhaahz me went to do my hair today ..whao it is so fun man !!! change colour.. but well even forget what colour i used.. well nvm.. just see me than you know liaos...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

whao today darn sick.. very very tired.. easily frstrated.. oh man i realli am so tired today.. but looking at the time its later.. well went to meet gen today..
alvin, gab and xiavier was there.. they having exams on POA tomolo.. wah good lucki guys!!!
Well later me and gen and alvin talked about the games.. sort out the i/c for the games.. etc.. but zach nv come.. so what we did when we're super bored.. started spamming him on his tag board. go see for yourself.. hahahz .. amazing how much we typed..
Well anyways.. had a bad stiff neck today hope tomolo wil be a better day...
btw.. hmm ken have not heard fro you tonight.. kinda worried.. well nv sms me back though .. Good luck for your exams dearie

Monday, May 15, 2006

hihi everyone i am so soso bored after studyinghalf a chapter.. oh man this is so long i am like taking forever to finish my work .. how i wish i knew everything like super women like that... ahahaha.. well i gues i just blog to complain a little.. studying is fun but studying for exams is so not fun. .to all those who have not finish their exams i share you pain man!!!.. oh well i am so sian not .. gotta go back to work.. good luck to those who are taking theirexams tomolo k ... must study hard k ..

Kenneth and Me took this photo after class while waiting for other classes to end Posted by Picasa

Happy Mummys day to all mothers... godma, grandma and all mothers in this world.. and to my greatest mummy of all Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Just Added song to my blog a song i like a lot.. hahahz JESUS YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND

well i am sure those who knows me do know how much i trust me ... i believe with HIM everything will always be put in place.. of coz you must also do your part.. things have cropped up for the sec 2 camp.. but well i believe HE is just gonna put everything back in place.

hmm today went for mothers day lunch.. whao it was kinda horrigible.. i donno i just wanna leave.. food was good but company was not so... mother got herself a new bag..we bought for her (tt includes you too brother) well hope she had a fun and enjoyable mothers day.. (i hope)

well i left earli to do things maybe see how if i bored maybe do some exciting stuff.. hmm you all wait and see once after my exams .. all hell breaks lose man!!!!

today my kors birthday .. happy birthday .. hope you and your dear had a great day.. sorry yesterday cant be with you i was at jb but don worry i'll always remember your birthday.. haahz

Saturday, May 13, 2006

hi well well i just came home from JB.. well it was kinda funny .. well hahahz it was kinda funnny.. suppose to go out with 8 or even 9 of my friends... while on the way to jb, derrek didnt extend the passport. sigh!.. so he didnt go with us .. so me and paul and daniel and justin went. so sad but it was fun !!!! thanks for the company dearies... it was kinda

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hi just came home looking at the time.. i know it is kinda late well thanks to uncle peter i am home earlier than expected.. he drove by to fetch us little monkeys out to makan and than fetch us all home.. whao you know la have tiff around it is also full of monkey tok and monkey biz.. well today a very fruitful meeting but some lose ends to tie up with post con and also Fr Brian .. wel had a very great time today though

after that i met up with those who are involve in the sec 2 games.. well well gen, zach paul and i are involve in the games.. hmm it is a new combi.. but it is fun working with them i do hope they enjoy themselves.. hahaz!!! it was so heavy rain we couldnt go anywhere well than while working to ah seah to makan uncle peter stoped by and wanted to give us a life to where we wanna go but hmm we went to eat instead .. tok 11 + than we went home.. hahaz Whao late night out..

When i was out paul called he called uncle peter n ask where was i .. i was on low batt and it died on me when i was out.. he was so cute man !!! couldn't find me and he got worried.. thanks dear for caring for me .. uch a sweet little dear !!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

hmm look at what i did today.. i was damn sick today ii think lack of water.. i slept since last night hahahz at 11 pm.. i was so mentally exhausted.. well hmm i am so sick today and so weak.. well so slept til later and went for meeting.. hahaz.. it was fun day just spending it with paul.. he is by my side

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

just finish studying with daniel kenneth alvin and paul .. well lesser people than usual.. but i am truely happy these are the close friends i have with me now.. when you are super low you just wish your friends were there for you .. i didnt have to say much but welll having them there is more than enough.

He is my guardian angel, watches me when i sleep, be with me when i am down and low and love me all the time. i love you dear Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Whao exams just ended.. no not all.. until after the sec 2 camp... hahahz welll i have been really low today.,. i nv did that badly... i came out of it just feel like shit and like just hugging someone.. i needed the love i can get.. thankfully paul was by my side.. though i didnt see him immediately i am so glad he came.. he was by my side.. daniel called just now.. he listen to me and we talked whao .. i am so happy to have him tok to me..

Monday, May 08, 2006

a get away for me .. a fun place and a interesting hang out.. i like this phote what about you .. do you ? Posted by Picasa

This is a fun place to be at a place for relax and enjoy . a place i would take a rest and hang out at ... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 06, 2006

hi everyone.. whao daniel and vin just left my house.. met them today .. haha attended mass.. hmm tot was gonna be alone with paul. but well hahhaz no no.. they joined me. hahaz ended up daniel and vin came over my house after dinner just to sit down chit chat.. hmm talked about the camp and all.. hmm well didnt spend loads of time together but loads of crapping at macs just now.. thanks for the company dears

Friday, May 05, 2006

hi me back ... just went out with alvin to study .. hahaz .. it was fun ,... well so later gabriel joined us.. well it was a wonderful and interesting day.. had some conflict of interest with interest but later we finally realise it is all just a small prob... ( i jus cant and donno what to do without him.) dear thankk you so much for your understanding ... i realli hope u had a fun time today though

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This is my blogie.. read it and enjoy k Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Whao i am back ... i am so amazed at myself i made it back to the blog. hope i can keep up the good work... all of you all remember to read it oki!!