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Friday, April 28, 2006

ken dear n me.. sleepy head.. don wake him up when he's sleeping he looks really sweet Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

hi one and all who my work for this 4 days just over. I was working part time at the singex. it was an info counter girl. well hmm it was anenjoyable breakfor me from studiesifelt. oh well let me just take this timetothank ken for taking care of me throughout this 4 days. it was pretty wonderful time. i enjoyed his company and i just do hope he enjoyed mine.

well i was called up on the monday morning toask if i was free to work. it was for 4 days. tuesday to friday. well so i agreed.
when i was heading down to work i was as usual eager to work. it was amazing . i had tons of fun loads to learn too. i was told there was a FOOD AND HOTEL ASIA 2006. than i found out my job scope whao just very relaxing relief the stress of the concerige counter. hmm and also to book taxi for ppl who wants it. it was kinda easy job.

so well after work i was heading home happy from my 1st day of work. well on the MRT i met some ppl claiming they were from SHATEC(actualli not) they dared a guy to come up in front of me and pole dane.. my my he really did a bad job. believe any of you girls or guys out there can be better than him. I just sat there laughing my lungs out at how lame he was. than later after reaching changi airport stop i walked as fast as i could. but apparently i don think it was fast enough. he stopped me. he said "sorry ar just not my friends dared me...." than i said i was not listening.

than on the next day i head to work as usual. sat at the info counter reading my books. i was kinda hoping forsome excitement today. so well came along a guys voice "excuse me ! do you know where is the......." well i was llike.. don tell me it is some old qn that is being ask and i m so sian of answering. than when i look up i saw in amazment (shocked dumb founded/...) it was that pole dancer on the MRT. sigh not any cute caucasian guys* than he took astep back he also got a shock. than after that he ask what hewanted and he left. when he was on the top floor he shouted down .. what time u going home i said 7pm. Lunch timehe came, afterwork he came too. well in the afternoon i met ken , he came to pick me up. he's really sweet. well when we were talking that poledancer came. he GLARED OoO so hard at ken. (wondering who he was) than he ask. so what is your race, (in my heart "BOY ! donno my name and who i am ask me my race wth!") than i was thinking what is his prob. keep looking at ken. Later he walked away. man i am so shock la by this guy. i think after that he just left. Evening went and morning came

the 3rd day. Today was very quiet. whole day no stalker i was all alone. bored and all. so well took a stroll all over get freebies from the various stalls. well now than me was kinda wondering wth i am gonna do the whole day.... but carmen came , she went walk walk with me. not very long but i enjoyed her company alot. ...than before work ended my manager took the buggy and drove me around. had fun tokinh to him the whole day. my buddy for now... Later after work, today i left late. i walked to the counter and little did i realised that the pole dancer and his friends were waiting for me. they were saying he likes me and al.. hmm i just rebuke them .... how they know, etc. (kinda cheesed off my their actionx) very baby lah! Than he came up to me ask me for my no. i said "why not you give me your no? " so he gave. (stupid/despo BOY) . than i ask him toay nv head to mywork place, he said yes he saw me from upstairs. i was like,.. am i suppose to know you were up there... thinkyou god huh .? later he said he from yishun ite i told him iwas from uni ... he got a freakingshock lah! at changi again we split. i went home.... he taking a 858... yeah!!

4th day last day of work. i was kinda happy last day and today ending early i think. oh man ken came to pick me. could hear from him that he was worried about me at work. he came to find me not at all surprise he came earli. sosweet of him. than later we took a mrt to the KOVAN to makan.before that when i was knocking off and walking pass hall 3 - 6 suddenly someone in white jumped in front of me... its AJI (the pole dancer) he's kinda scarey out of no where just jump in front of me. well he say he was with his friend but i was not at all inbelief. well later we waited for 5 mins. for the train. suddenly he appeared. well this time to the opp direction.. tanah merah. we than went our own sperate ways. I went off with ken .. he was one great company to be with.

Later we met daniel and tok till 10 ++ and than i walked ken to flower rd than we parted and i left for the MRT station.. hahahaz. thank you ken for your comapny and also met paul at the mrt station he came to send me home. how i missed him after the 4 days at work. he had his exams i have my stress at work. (nothing compared to full time workers) but well still accumulated fatigue

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Whao it is so fun to have made so many new friends... since now that it is all over i am back to blogging and all .. well i would say , passion play is all over i am finally free ahahahahahahahahaz... i am finally able to sit down to blog properly. to all those who made the easter play and passion play possible. i am so proud of you . you all are my pride. hope you all have fun oki!!!

secy babes and cool dudes of ihm 2006 Posted by Picasa

ARHHHHH don choke k !!!! greedy pigs eatting Posted by Picasa

My Partner in crime Posted by Picasa

Easter play 2006 /... guys you made it big ,,, i love you guys.... big HUGGIES Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 14, 2006

my beloved brother and me... whao did anyone see his muscles.. he's good looking for crying out load Posted by Picasa

Spend you time with him. i am sure you'll be in for something great !!! seductive he can be and he'll make you go WHAO! Posted by Picasa

yo! check this pic out i love it load.. our whole crew was inside.. oh man i love it tons Posted by Picasa

This is the PAssion play Crew 2006 Have fun guys you all rock this play !!! enjoyed each one of your company Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My birthday just past i am so happy i got to spend my birthday with so sososo many wonderful people... it was a birthday marthon man... well i would really wanna say you all made this birthday a wonderful and enjoyable one... i love you all sososososo much

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

3 of us.. carmen n mitch n me Posted by Picasa

whoa .. look at the pro Posted by Picasa

andrew n daniel (background while mitch n me Posted by Picasa

zouk with dan dear Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

me and my polar bear,... he so tall Posted by Picasa

with the elephants Posted by Picasa

zoo with me n paul Posted by Picasa

actual birthday... shiok day at the zooo Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 03, 2006

sushi tei... should really go there some day n enjoy more Posted by Picasa

me n my baby boy Posted by Picasa

derrick kor n june jie... celebrate my birthday Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 02, 2006

swensens birthday... oh man .. 3 bros missing ... mat, iann man Posted by Picasa

aunty teresa n family .. celebrating my birthday Posted by Picasa

catechist ==== teachers and friends Posted by Picasa

at swensen's... whao with loads of them.. fun time Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006

my family... how i wish you were here kor Posted by Picasa