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Friday, March 04, 2005

hey back again to do what i have to do blog.. well i have just finish mywork .. i have been having my project that is why i have not been blogging i so much wanna keep in touch with you guys or let you all know what happened to me.. well some of the times i realli wanna do but i got no time.. well i have 6 pjt.. but now just now 3 down 3 more to go.. IFT Entreprenurship and International business left.. well 1st of all i would say i am kinda happy that i am gonna leave school.. well asyou all can see on yourside .. they are all my friends photo.. thaey are the best buddies i have in school life.. that includes you AB.. but well i realli am gonna miss them.. 1stly we gonna go overseas to study gonna work etc.. man i realli miss this people .. *SOB !!! thanks for the best of times i have with you all ..

well dear thanks for caring for me loving me and also helping me in the things i donno .. helping me in my pjt too.. your too dear to me i cannot lose you !!! realli !!thanks once again..