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Monday, April 18, 2005

this was when we were smal!!!! Posted by Hello

this is taken a yr back !!! i like this though  Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 17, 2005

oh happy day !!! my brother big day well hmm wish him all the best !!! in his studies though he maybe far from me but i just wanna let him know i love him sososososososo much!!!! i realli miss you korkor!!! when you coming home.. here is a little song for you though no music lah !!!! try to imagine okie!!!




Thursday, April 14, 2005

hi this is so interesting i am in this school SIM and i have exams on the 6 and 8th June this is so unforseen but i realli believed that is god's will we are not meant to be there... in Tanjung balai no matter how i would say i wanna go !!!! well i am sad but at the same time i just wanna get over and done wih all these crap exams to get to yr 2

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

well i got a funny sms from AB a few days back .. hmmmm he said he has a gf .. hmm this is interesting well hmm felt kinda shock .. what the hell is going on ..this is how the sms went " bro, change of plans. Am still at my gf's place........." well hey iam shock .. hmm this guy all the while claim to be unattach.. sigh!!!!! i donno man !!!!!what is realli going on in his life.. realli donno .. guess he has his life.. things have change... this friend maybe lost .. i guess i am no where to be found ...

Saturday, April 09, 2005

well hey guys i have so much fun in school no not that i know many friends .. ohh hey guys i am accepted into Singapore Insitute of Mgt - University of London Banking and Finance.. well hey i have been in there for the past week so i have been studying ... well aft my bday i have been working hard on my maths,.. what the hell Logaritham .. Exponential funcition ,... mayone still know what is all this.. oh man i am so screwed.. i better start studYing .. well i donno lah !!! Thanks to AB he actualli told me or rather help me make a decision on whether to apply for this school or not.. till NUS NTU AND SMU send the letter of acceptance i shall be in this schooll .. saw it not bad i kinda am adapting to it though !!!! whao i Year 1 now and in 3 mths time Yr 2 whaos .. i am so happy to be in SIM !!!!! wonderful school .. teachers and school blew me away

Monday, April 04, 2005

HAppy birthday to me Posted by Hello

paul and me enjoying my day in swendsens Posted by Hello

my birthday celebration with my nieces and nephews Posted by Hello
whao hey i realli enjoyed my birthday i thank you all so much for all your presents as well as presence well i did not expect certain people to even come.. well people like boon raz and jenna.. well i am sure i had a great birthday .. well on this day i receieved all the presents i didnt expect to get at all .. well the 3 pooh bears.. hmm representing the 3 other jokers and of coz i am the 4th well yep .. and i loved most was the 20 stalks of flowers this year paul got me hahahahaz i love it so much ... well than i also went out today with paul than later came back and though it was kinda shocking to see people like andrew and the rest there well sorry not meaning anything but i tot onli daniel and the rest of the brothers would be here .. well of coz i did have an enjoyable birthday THANK YOU DEARS FOR HELPING ME CELEBRATE AND ALL THE LOVLY WELL WISHES.. ESP PAUL DEAR !!!! YOU REALLI SURPRISE ME WITH ALL YOUR GIFTS AND LOVE !!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

cheers to the 20 years old baby Posted by Hello

whao 20 stalks ilove it !!!! so nice of paul to buy for me Posted by Hello

paul and me at cafe catel Posted by Hello

ian .. whao whao .. hmm say wrong thing lah must be Posted by Hello

whao .. wwf singapore Posted by Hello

mitch and i ... whao long since we took photos together Posted by Hello

whao what a wonderful day with you all!!!!!! Posted by Hello

raz, boon , jenna and me !!!! on my birthday Posted by Hello

well this was one surprising birthday i had !!! sure i did enjoy though Posted by Hello

paul and me on mybirthday !!!! Posted by Hello

Friday, April 01, 2005

this is the bbq we had it was a realli nice one 1!!! i enjoyed myself thanks guys Posted by Hello
well as i walk away from the site i just kept so silent in my heart i do know that i will miss these lovely people well esp 3 of them .. well but of coz there is always a time to say good bye n a time to know new friends ... well i just wish them all the best .. of coz i had a great time organising everything for them .. well i do miss them of coz .. well as i drove to church i just kept to myself thinking of all the fun times i have and had with all of them .. well the pool game the wonderful times i had with them presentation projects homework scanning card etc .. you name it we've done it in school........... well lunch time dinner together or even breakfast .. hmm a very fun grup of friends i will nv forget hey guys all the best yeah !!! now exam all over relax and enjoy