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Monday, February 28, 2005

well hmm i this is so interesting .. man i realli am very happy today .. well i got the results of all my friends.. all those close to me are finalli graduating and going on with life.. yes things may change but i still believe they are the most precious to me. the times we went through together is a lot well i realli enjoyed the times i have with them... esp my birthday .. well thanks brothers and sisters..
daniel dear, manfred, joel, ian, justin and syl, tiff n geraldine mei
hey i realli remember my birthday and all that you all were present with me to celebrate with me.. and the feb baby birthay.. well i realli am happy to have you all guys in my life..

congrates on the passing of your O levels.. and of coz hey guys the skit.. many more to come.. don worry remember our chat together.. miss u all.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

whao this is so stress i have so many pjt to do .. i am so down with it that i donno i am going bonkas.. haahz !!! O level results coming out too.. well i miss those fun day no study and all.. but all play and no work is no fun too. anyways just writing to tell you guys i had fun at your feb baby's bday.. and of coz .. AB happy birthday!! hope everything was A-OK with you !! sorry so long nv call.. busy like hell.. i am screaming for help here .. this is bad... 6 pjt.. IB, Entreprenurship, IFT, IEM, CAA, Life insurance

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

whao hey so sorry carmen well it has sure been quite a while since i tok to you .. well miss you though but so sorry i have been up with the cny thingie.. i think i missed your call and when i wanted to get back to you it was midnight!! so sorry ...

anyways Today i was out at my aunts places and we went visiting all over the place .. i woke up early surprisingly every cny i'm the earliest in the family to be ready ..well it is cny a day to make collections.. well i but this yr trill not realli there.. anyways went to my aunt house and stayed there the whole day .. of coz in b/w sure go out .. i took the car went to my aunts house than sent my brother home.. well took the opp to sleep at my aunt house felt better,. than later tok to derrick korkor.. he is like i said one of my consultant.. well he has his prob wit his girl... some back stabbers.. he was very upset.. well i realli wanted so much to tell him hey it is all right and we're all a family we wont backstab you but we'll back you up. well if you ever need help just call on us.. my bro and i will be there.. he is one who's there for us when we need help . i feel helpless tt i cant help him at all..

later we drove to pick my brother fm home.. made a lot of hongbao collects.. in quantity.. hahaz on quality.. hahaz!! what abt you how was your CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! and of coz i would like to wish all you friends of mine .. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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Monday, February 07, 2005

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well i had the car the whole day well i went to all over he world.. not on purpose not to play i had to do what i had to do.. 1stly i went to send korkor to the doctor.. than later i went to meet pauls grandma.. well she was realli sweet.. i just wanna say she was very warm to me i had fun toking to her and of coz his aunty.. she is a very nice lady and i liked her.. hmm how i wish i had a grandma who is still alive and treats me so well.. well i miss my grandma.. sigh!!! it is all over hope she is alright up in heaven .. she will be there for sure.. my own grandma was a patient lady who nv have a temper.. so sweet lady well i can nv see such a lovely lady till i met his grandma!!

well i had fun than we head down to smu registration met some bitches around the school.. started changing my opinion of the school.. well girls have skirt as short as when you bend down that is it.. later we went to the dentist she help me to pu in temp filling for my tooth .. to do a root cannel in a few weeks time. hahhaz .. yep

than later when to see my doc .. for my skin .. had fun with paul arounds.. he was realli very nice.. i got tones of injections for my skin.. poor me wonder if i could drive. halfway i was kinda numb all over.. made my way to school.. paul was with me.. now in class blogggin.. sigh..

Sunday, February 06, 2005



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i was at the practice.. well today they not up to the standard but non the least i have faith in this friends of mine.. well.. hmm was approach to do one more project for the church. immediate reponds from daniel and paul and justin.. whao of coz manfred.. wonderfull. sercured ppl liaos not bad.. hahahz !! wel than later stayed hom ethe whole day later watch tv than sleep. had a earyl rest tomolo i need to wake up early man !!!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

i was with paul in the morning till the end.. than later i went to jenna chruch .. whao they were very warm.. i notsure.. i was very touched by their willingness to accept people into the group.. hahahz was than later what touched me the most was when i stepped into the church they were already there to welcome me n jen.. i realli liked it.. their pnw was good or wuld i say fantastic and than what is more they onli have 4-5 songs through out the time.. not like our church .. we need 7 -10 songs for a 2 hour session. yep they onli have 4 - 5 .. it was amasing .. i liked it.. and well their sermon was good.. speaker was good .. hmm i liked her friends too.. too bad i have o go for cat class tomolo so i an be wih them.. hahz !!

later i went out for dinner with them they tried to know me well i liked that effort.. i was very open to them too.. then i met AB and also GERARD.. haahz nice to see you all.. guss i was not in the right frame of mind today !!! well i was very tired i went to meet paul n then went home.. he sent me home..so sweet of him.. till the nxt day see you guys

Friday, February 04, 2005

test is over .. it is yaoming and AB b'day today .. wish you all the best of luck in your future and may all your wishes and dreams come true..

whao . hey my darling has finally got his blog .. one who says he doesnt believe in blog.. sigh dear ar!!well just came home from a ride with my brother.. to eat wind!!.. well anyways .. i was having tones of work to even update my blog ut well it is nice to have known all this while some ppl check my blog and some no..

thos who happen to read this.. well i have been up with my work.. recently i have been enjoying my days out with jenna razmy and boon.. we went out shared tips together and all .. tips for test.. thanks to them they help my in the test today.. well boon helped a lot in my entrepreneurship project getting webby up and running .. and jenna for my test ... i owe them big time.. well they are a bunch of smart people sometimes i think i am ve small man !! like today at the pool table.. they were so pro they said i have done well and improve but i tot to lose to them is still not an improvment

as i am waiting for the arrival of CNY .. well i realli wish you guys a very happy new year in advance.. well it is a brand new start for this new year.. any NY resolution.. hahahz..

melcolm is back and jumping so hyper he tok to me today he know how to call me and above that started on some new mission .. hahahz

Thursday, February 03, 2005


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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

i will not be blogging test this week so i will not blog btw.. poor god son of mine.. malcolm in hospital.. such a sweetie and landed in hospital AGAIN!!! so poorthing visited him today .. he was happy but still crying and all.. i miss the smile on his face.. well show you later on