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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Jenna and i.. background of the canteen .. i'm sure gonna miss all this Posted by Hello

hungry hungry...!! all rushing to north canteen.. starving man !! better walk faster Posted by Hello

hey ordered our food.. time to sit together and enjoy our last few weeks together.. well it is realli nice..  Posted by Hello

Charlies Angels.. okie no lah .. right to left.. our class mummy Carol, my darling Hsing yong.. prettier than before.. Jenna our class sweetheart  Posted by Hello

it is study time.. test later.. but hey this 2 straight As student in our class.. sigh.. talking abt soccer Posted by Hello

our girls from the class..  Posted by Hello

whao after a good break we're heading for test.. kimmeng (uncle) and jenna.  Posted by Hello

Friday, January 28, 2005

After a long day in School lets treat ourselves to seould garden.. well my cool bunch of buddies in school Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 27, 2005

hey today i went out with all my friends welll i had fun toking to them well we went seoul garden.. well they were sure my dears in class.. we talk and joke abt all the things we could .. well but then we also ended our day at borders.. i had fun there.. we walk from taka to borders.. razmy was a joker man !! he is full of nonsense.. i was so crappy with him .. he seem very scary but i realise aft knowing him for so long abt 1 yr plus he has been very interesting .. i feel ve comfortable with him around.. well he maybe older but i know he takes care o our class well enough .. we ate loads of food and icecream.. hahaz had a lot of things to say.. show you the photos later on..

later we went home by the serangoon road.. it is realli nice sitting in Jennas car.. she was a power driver like me .. or am i worst . but well all the same i suppose she is like me in so many ways.. mayb she is mroe interesting .. we're having fun toking all the wy home.. made it in time to watch AI4 !! well tok to my friends online and now blogging too !!! hahah!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

well hmm great it is a brand new day . well bygones be bygones.. start everything afresh .. well got project to do .. well hey was at EPC yesterday cool sia many many moths nv go liaos.. it is nice place.. but well wont see it in a few more months.. some ppl so damn free sia come school chit chat.. hahaz !!! well had a nice time today . spend time talking and learning more abt how's life like for that dear of mine.. well i guess it is cool with me.. went home change and then went out.. okie.. better go sleep .. blog later
well hmm great it is a brand new day . well bygones be bygones.. start everything afresh .. well got project to do .. well hey was at EPC yesterday cool sia many many moths nv go liaos.. it is nice place.. but well wont see it in a few more months.. some ppl so damn free sia come school chit chat.. hahaz !!! well had a nice time today . spend time talking and learning more abt how's life like for that dear of mine.. well i guess it is cool with me.. went home change and then went out.. okie.. better go sleep .. blog later

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

this is another one.. not ver nice.. but okie lah !! still prefer him in his Taxedo .. :) Posted by Hello

see this beng!!! kaozz.. he looks damn cool lah !! but erm.. nvm no comments.. later he kill me Posted by Hello

hey this is AB.. he has change Alot i sure know that.. from the 1st time i seen him till now . he is one of closest friend i have ever had in my entire life.. Posted by Hello
hmm hey i have heard a few of you people who are in the skit telling me why not do the video.. yes well apparently many not happy with what i said on my blog.. but hey lets just make this clear.. well blog is where you all write how you feel or what you personally think, well many of you all can talk abt people behind their backs on blog well so why cant i .. honestly i am not picking up a fight here but there are things you need to make clear before you get upset..

1stly you all went with the idea of filming .. after i cleared my doubts with some people who were going to be part of the play and agreed on filming .. okie here is what i thought before making my stand clear about everything ..

1stly how long will it take to film a scene.. Reply "2 hrs"
okie well we have 8 scenes in total wont that take more than 16 hrs for the skit.. ? not forgeting . where do you get all the scene backdrop ..i just ask you for only not more than 10 hours of your time to come down for rehearsals..

2ndly where can you film the school scene .. reply " in one of the schools on a weekday"
would all of you be sure you can make it down.. some have work some have school .. and above that what abt the kinda SECURITY system that schools have on public visitor.. they're ve strict on public entrance and exit nowadays.

3rdly do you all know we have a criteria to meet ...reply "yeah lah the kids"
well apparently it is not just the kids alone.. we are working with the adults. we must work towards what the adults set for us from the beginning. they have set the criteria for the skit to be interactive and involve them in the play.

4th using a video could you depict the childrens reaction to your skit "yeah that i know"
well apparently the idea of video would have come in as a good idea if we have a period of 3 mths to prepare.. we could have more time to meet up with adults show them the video let them comment make adjustment but we do not have the time.

5th what if venue cant be book on that day ?
the place could be suggested but it wasnt pen down by the adults how to confirm we would have neccessary equipments

i was just thinking of trying to save all your time coz i know it is even hard for you all to meet on sundays what more for long hours.. (some may end up saying i am hypocritical but i am honestly saying i am not coz i know how it feels like having tight schedules and exam in between and all and work up your head)

yeah !! Angeline is kind enough to lend us her time to film the whole thing .. fair enough i agree that i don doubt but aren't you all just kind enough to help out in the play !! all i did was to think of saving more time from all this things gets me nowhere. i am just trying to do i am told to do to meet the needs of the adults and for all you guys .. was i wrong .. ??

well hey yes it was louis idea to come up with the script but the thing till the last day he didn't tell me if it was a yes or no for the video and the next day i had to meet the adults.. i had to tell them what we have done and i brought it up .. but it was declined..

if it was my feelings i tot about when i did this blog than i would not bother writing this.. i guess all i want is for you to understand where i stood when you al insisted on what you all wanted. calm down and really read throught this page. Who i have to deal with (adult and you all) and if you guys still all i'm doing is in the wrong still .. than i'm fine with it .

NOTE "there are consequenses i would have to face if i choose video"

Monday, January 24, 2005

hey i am so so pissed at this moment .. apparently i am put in a damn spot.. okie well louis went around asking everyone if they wan a skit or a video well now everyone is asking me.. let me put it very straight across to you all it is a skit.. come on man !!! hey i realli wanna ask louis.. do you know what you put me through.. i brought the idea up yesterday and they pushed it down.. yep and you know what.. they wanted intereaction .. that is all they want.. they want kids to be involve.. and what more.. well i am so so damn upset.. yes you wan video and all.. hey hey !!! can you all get a nice place to flim.. a real school a home and all. why so troublesome.. hey it is so hard to get all you ppl down on one day altogether... why is there such a mess created and then go u off into the DAMN ARMY.. i am realli upset .. well you help yes but not it is all dangling in a mess and i am sure to have to face this myself eh aft you leave right!!!

and what more that ANGELINE KWA of yours.. hey hey you brought her in she gave stupid ideas (maybe not stupid ).. she dare to argue with me., say if is her church than she will do this video thing!! hey that is if she is in her church now she is not.. what is wan is just to get the true meaning of lent over to the kids.. can video have interaction.. and we are short of time..can you capture their attention when viewing.. hey you want something to be done that you don care what others say.. than wat for ask others for opinion.. well hey put urself in my shoe.. i know you don want to be the mother and all coz everyone force you .. well than don be.. i guess you wan all this video so that it will not show your face to ppl coz they may laugh at you being the mother..

have you heard what others think,... have you seriiously considered what others thought.. yes it mayb me and few peoples thinking we do not want the video.. hey if you have the talent why keep in a video .. kids like it to be interactive.. the adults like it. hey you all plan all this video thing before consulting adults and all.. onli when wanna implement then come and tell me.. what the heck you all doing.. apparently you think teamwork is needed to get things done. than what abt consulting adults and all.. 1st of all if many of you donno .. we were suppose to do a STATION OF THE CROSS and than i had to ask for a change to have a SKIT.. now you wan me to tok to them to change to a VIDEO .. hey it is not long to the final meeting with the adult how come suddenly go this thing come out n i am in a daze about it .. how am i suppose to say it to them what to say .. eh they need to see it done up.. they need to view it..and we have not started what if on that day then they reject . it is possible seen it happen on the day of skit than how..they may just say " this is not what i want, i tot i rejected it .. how come like that .. wake up your ideas man !!!! "

you all do this to get all those who don have a group who are not in ZJ and post con yes,.. correct but hey we have our own ways of wanting to serve GOD why are you all look at us in diff eyes.. we wanna seve in cat class in other parts of the church .. so why brand us as inactive...

hey next time thik before you all do things.. u all may HATE ME if you all want but i don realli care.. i do this for GOD!! not for pleasing you all !

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

heyhey i am enjoying today i have sch i think i going pick paul aft school . i wanna book for a ticket to watch show .. disney on ice

Monday, January 17, 2005

HEY!!! i am in class now waiting for test.. well this day have been kinda bad.. 2 test today .. woke up late have to start working on them today till 5pm .. oh my !! i am so stress.. well today wont see paul and then nvm i think tomolo his last day but he still on standby .. well i miss him .. i wanna see him but without him i think i donno how to study properly.. well yep anyway today i am feeling abit of stress coz i have to juggle with church work and my test .. i know i want it good i want it to the best i can but i cant help it if boo boos happen . well anyways i would leave it to him . i will try my best to do the skit well .. but well i feel ve pressured already .. i mean i suppose to cordinate the things but well i feel like i am not doing anything and things are kinda going out of hand.. i am being put on the spot.. i suppose to do station of the cross and then later the skit i tred to tok to them the uncles all say okie. but now there are changes still going on .. i guess i am not the one in the dicussion but the one of the helper.. well i donno i am ve lost. i don wanna say too much i just guess.. i don like things to be done behind and onli told at the final end aft discussion and all have their own strong views abt it!!! all i want for it is to help the kids understand more abt lent no need all this technical side.. i am not realli concern.. well i just hope that at the end they would understand more abt lent.. THAT IS IT!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

hey hey today hmm i not sure.. i think should say now is in the morning.. just cam home now is 7 am.. haha.. hey i went out with louis pek and pual lim. hmm well went out to diff places had fun man 1!! hahahha!! well anyways i was called by lousi at 12 am in the morning to go out.. wanna makan actualli but hey i told them that later wanna go out than call e coz my mouth damn pain.. anyayway i went out wanted to call jenna with me.. she so late still have not slept.. so well nvm .. she cant make it.. so i went with them.. went to pasir ris red house.. hahahz hahahz they tried to make it as spooky as they could switch off the radio and all.. whao i was scared but okie lah been there done that.. i mean i have been with my yr 1 friends b4!!! it was fun hahanhz!! honestly than later we went down to changi.. there it was funny we went to see bapok!!!(GAY) hahhaz !!! whao it was amazing i realli think they look more chio than i am .. oh man!! i think pek was shock and also very disguated by it man !!!

later we went to simei thinking that was changi hospital but no it was not.. hahahz it was just the changi General hospital.. than later called paul than tried to drive by than i think i have been driving for 1 hr or more my leg a bit numb. heng louis took over.. i think we took turns.. good goodd. hahahz.. than later we went to look for the CHANGI HOSPITAL!!! the hostly one .. we went 10 rounds or even more round changi just hoping to reach there.. but cant find it coz it is realli scary!! n even dark.. oh man !! but hey louis tried to be funny off the light.. it was that dark cant even see the road.. scared drop into longkang told him to on it again.. ahahz!!

it was fun and than later we drove paul back he was tired.. i think he is not use to havig all these driving aimlessly looking for things.. we drove up and down... hahahz ... yes later aft that we went to geylang !! hmm to see girl.. whao hey got shock.. maybe didnt expect to see so many girl lah !!! louis naughty and cheeky man !!! ahahahz!! but nvm had fun though

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

hey i am sitting in the class i was in yesterday when i realise that is was fun just the 4 of us.. razmy and jenna and yaoming.. hahahz all the slackers.. who wanna to take the napha.. i know i have not been training and even eating well but i do hope that i can do it.. who do not wan the gold.. i don care i want the gold.. i am going for it.. unless i faint.. then paul hmm you will get the phone call in your hp.. i would be in the hospital!!! now is numb by linkin park on the radio .. hahahz this is the kinda of song that i played for the media that i do for paul.. hahaz!!! well hey hey i just called him when i was abt the start sch he is sick... he is very poor thing i think lah... piang i think yesterday he got it from me.. must be

Monday, January 10, 2005

hey hey .. i am back now not yet 12 i am homes.. i am thinking of being around with carmen well apparently i doubt it.. coz i am kinda tired n above that i miss whatever is going on at home.. came home no body.. but i miss my bed.. now blogging and all.. well i am kinda happy i went to school today at 7 ,... no 7pm.. yep school till 10pm.. well anways this morning woke up shocked by louis.. he say he at my house here so ask him pop by.. well hey korkor must remember to return my bro boardshort.. whao today school was shiok .. 9 ++ can go liaos.. anyways i took a cab.. thanks to kimmeng.. wanted to take cab no$$ so ask him share cabby.. hahahz.. quite fun.. tok to him a little while.. nv gotta tok to him b4.. tt guy hurt his leggy .. better take care man !! anyways i enjoyed toking to him ..

later i went back for carmend grandma wake.. well i realli feel sad.. and to carmen deepest condolenses/.. was there at 5 this afternoon then went sch came back again!! well i saw what happened in front of my eyes.. i know how you feel girl! don worry i guess if they wanna be like that let them be just don bother abt it. i wanna commend her for being a brave girl .. she has always been ... i know she misses her grandma but hey girl be strong i'll always be here if you need me! that was a promise i kept to you and still am keeping.

anyways school sucked today i hate lessons.. esp boring ones.. why not get over and done with it.. damn !! well anyways yep. i was toking to paul and he said korkor tris his boss and tris boss saw the clip and was whaoed by it.. hmm well it doesn't matter who did it.. me or him. it matters most is that he gets the credit from his boss.. yep.. dear i did this out of love for you and you alone..

Saturday, January 08, 2005

today had a work to finish for paul.. he wanted me to do the flash for him .. well we got into an arguement as usual.. well i donno i have been having the pain in my mouth for the whole week i feeling low and down.. shit has been happening i know he is not at wrong but he was a men to take down all my nonsense.. well thanks dear,, i will have to make it up to him once i am better.. i feel bad today.. bad bad.. well it helps when i pray in his arms.. i would just lie on my bed and quietly say a little prayer it heals it heals.. and it is not so pain.. well thanks so much for his help dear paul you are a great boyfriend who realli understands me.. well as i am praying i just say short prayers for the victims of the tsunami..

i seriously think they are very poorthing.. not be scastic.. but he i realli feel that way for them if given a chance i wanna help.. can i .. physically.. well see their home washed out in matter of mins .. whaos.. it is tragic.. they once have a home to live in now no home no food cant live on their own and rely on us to provide them with food.. and even clean water.. they were just as independent ppl as we are but now .. some even are orphans.. no jobs too no parents or not children.. whao.... from this we can realli see the many daily reports of the UNSUNG HEROS who brave the storm and risk their lives to save others but soon parish with the waves.. well i realli feel very tragic for this ppl ..

there was a report on this guy who saves 7 or 8 people they saved a mother and daugther too when they came up to shore he will pat them on their heads and move off to save other victims.. so many kids have lost their lives and so many r orphans i guess to me i realli know how it feels losing someone overnight.. i guess i am sympathtic with the kids.. i wont wanna lose my family so young.. who is gonna look aft me from now on e.. where am i suppose to live ..at night who cover blanket for me .. i not too sure when ask for donations ppl just give a few dollars and spend the rest of allowance on the unneccessary things,.. i just feel sorry for these ppl.. coz their rewards SURE to be GREAT in heaven (sacasim)anyways.. i heard there was a kid who was qn in english by people and he didnt reply when a guy happend to speak englished he answered back quickly that is so lucky and then later his uncle came to get him from whereever he was staying !! well and our singapore helpers .. we did a lot for our neighbours.. (so now SINGAPORE is not known as somewhere in CHINA but SEA liaos!!!) well hey we sent our convoy and guards SCDF and all over to help.. even help set up landing base for the airplanes and all. whao we also help in the newwater.. SIngapore is so prepared.. hey who ever dare to come in to our c'try is asking for death sentence man !! even indonesian c'try also have to thanks us for our help.. hey we did a lot .. responded the fastest and even sent the most help over.. piang even our singapore all the work also half done can put aside send forces over to the other c'trys... we are sure power man !!! hey like some ppl complain.. toilet and light bulb in camp spoil cannot repare cna donate 10 million to indonesia.. see lah !!! singaporean rich sia!!!well there sure are many touching love stories too many to type all.. but i am sure one thing all this people who helped in one way or another certained would be blessed greatly

Friday, January 07, 2005

Hey how is everything for you man !!! now i in school yes i am back to school.. hmm i am either suai or realli damn suai today.. i woke up on time but walk here and thee pack my bag get my things and bath and all than i left the house late.. i am so so piss man !!! further more i am soso shock.. i met GABRIEL korkor on the way ... at the entreance of the engineering bus stop.. as ususl he was smoking .. that habit diehard lah him.. but well i ran all the way from the engin block to the class. i tot i was late but no i am not but still i should not be one.. sigh!!! yesh than went to do my pjt with boon and alvin and huishan.. i am so happy o be back in schol.. at least my mind don wonder all over and create trouble.. well i am so so happy paul coming out later.. i hope.. but again i tot hopefulli he will go China black today!!! i am going to get my stitches off will tell you all how it was later hey i enjoyed all things that i do today.. jsut the late part.. well hope you are too...
i had so much fun today when i went to pull my teeth's stitches out it was not at all fun .. it was pain the dentist misqueue... what the hack.. but well later went to aunts house.. the whole day it was pain little did i know the ulcers were coming out.. it was all so painfull so shitty.. well i donno after i finish my dinner i went to meet paul and Korkor tris.. well had a lot of fun toking to them they started to explin to me how pauls life was like in the army.. and i met a new friend rizal.. hmm yep.. anyways it has been a long time since christmas that i saw korkor.. and everytime wanna see him or ask him out he so busy.. alamak.. but must be with his darling viv .. okie!! well i think i better go off now .. busy lah !! see you soon

Thursday, January 06, 2005

hi i just came home from my mum and dad's wedding anniversary.. hey remember last yr was a party with all the celebrations and all but now no more.. whao it is amazing man!!! ahhaaz!! all quiet and all. anyways i went to pass paul his food i tot he has not eaten as usual but hmm i bought for im the food i know he wont mind eating again if he has to.. i saw him and all than i told him that night that he

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Before the world began, you were on his mind,
And every tear you cry is precious in his eyes
Because of His great love, he gave his only son,
Everything was so you would come.

Nothing you can do,
Could make him love you more
And nothing that you done
Could make him close the door
Because of His great love, he gave his only son,
Everything was so you would come.

Come to the father,
Through your gift is small
Broken hearts, broken lives
He will take them all
The power of the word, the power of His blood
Everything was so you would come.

i guess i realli tot about this son g for a long long time look at the lyrics, it touch me deep in me esp when hillsongs sang it.. their animation , he is just standing there waiting for each and every one of us to turn to him in times of trils and tribulation .. i can realli realte to this song, i remember yesterday when i was in pain and i wanted to cry but i can't coz my mouth hurts... this songs touch me loads.. every tear i cry will be very precious to him.. it hurts in my mouth but i guess to him it would be hurting deep in his heart.. well when the world and my life screw up till i donno what he would come to be by me.. keep me company .. and no gift that any of us give him he would reject .. he is such a loving father.. he loves us so much to give up his life for us.. i guess each time to think of it.. if any one ask you would you give up your life for him i think honestly no body would none of you would actualli say i am willing to die just for him.. (someone you nv seen before but onli by word of mouth, someone you nv know )
the songs tells us that even with our screwed up life and world of shit and all he will still be there ... he will want us to turn to him.. we are that precious in his eyes

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

well i am here to tell you what a horrible day i have been through .. well sigh . i woke up this morning and the pain was so unbearable i tot to myself that i need the damn dentist .. okie i called them up made an appointment and i went there earyl to get the tooth extracted .. man i hate it it was like shit man !!!

in the dentist which was aircondition my hands feel like ice.. oh my i am so scared.. than later they viewed my case and gave me anastatic.. the needle like machiam from donno where one so curved and all and also later i was also given alot of the anastatic coz it was fading while in progress it was so pain .. i wanna cry .. i ask for another jab.. than later my tooth came off but you know how.. they took what looks like s drill shrunk by 10X and drill it out and later use what looks realli like a cheasel and try to pull it out.. very pain man !! i look like a chipmunk aft tat.. i tooka cab home.. i was so in pain i ask my brother to help me make porridge but i cant eat it i just fell asleep .. too pain to tok .. sigh and than later woke up my dad is home with mos shake.. man that was a feast.. he than went out to buy another mos shake again in the night.. just for me.. i could not eat the noodles my aunt cook.. yep.. but aft that i was better paul came over and than left for camp soon aft.. he was such a dear to spend the nightsout with me. hhaahhz okie gtg see you man !!! byebye
Check this website out found it realli nice (remeber to press RED button)

Monday, January 03, 2005

maybe i wil blog before john leaves yeah he will check when he reaches but anyways i shall just say safely that i enjoyed shopping wit him and chatting wit him .. i went out to look for my things and i went to the dentist this afternoon well i have time but i need to see the dentist my teeth is giving me problem i am so so sick my mouth swollen well thank you for shopping with me sorry didnt allow you to go beach road to get ur shoes.. so so sorry.. well anyways i was indeed scared when i was about to go for the dentist i was very scared coz i scared i need to have to be injected with some thiing or well i donno scared lah !!!well yeah than he crap and crap yep i was not that scared aft all.. thanks korkork i now in school and typing this having lesson at 7pm - 10 pm

Sunday, January 02, 2005


One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do.

Finally he decided since the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway, it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey.

So, the farmer invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed shovels, and began to shovel dirt into the well.

All the other farm animals were very upset about this, because the donkey was their friend. But they discovered there was nothing they could do to help him.

At first, when the donkey realized what was happening, he cried horribly.Then, to everyone's amazement, he quieted down.

A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well, and was astonished at what he saw.

With every shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off, and take a step up on the dirt as it piled up.

As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up.

Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well, and trotted off!

MORAL: Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. But each trouble can be a stepping stone. What happens to you isn't nearly as important as how you react to it. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not giving up!

Shake it off, and take a step up!