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Monday, December 26, 2005

Whao it is sosososo fun time i had with my family during this christmas, their company, i love them .... Derrick korkor and June jiejie i will always love you all. you were there for me when i was down and now you all have your halves don forget mei k !!! :)

Monday, August 29, 2005

portrait size.. i donno i tot this day was memorable but hmm maybe the speech and all was kinda redundant esp the singing during the ceremony .. hmm must realli brush up Posted by Picasa

upclose and personal Posted by Picasa

where is jenna.. i think we are missing someone here.. she went home so fast can Posted by Picasa

yeah another one.. without my bro as usual Posted by Picasa

of coz i will nv forget dear dear he help me through these times Posted by Picasa

all of us  Posted by Picasa

me myself and my cert :) Posted by Picasa

thanks to these 2 people i am here today where i am. Truly greatful to these dears of mine Posted by Picasa

i love this photo Posted by Picasa

razmy stilllooks sad  Posted by Picasa

girl power man !!!!  Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

tis was with dear dear at esplanade Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 30, 2005

hmmm nice cool holiday trip ... to cold place Posted by Hello

hey hey ... both of us again ..  Posted by Hello

see lah 2 chio bus!!! so cute  Posted by Hello

Look at this girl... new to you right.. hmmm don you there go near her.... she is one of my dear... hands off her man !!! Posted by Hello

Paul and ME in the cold climate.. wonderfully huggable Posted by Hello

our group picture... and our holidays together.. whao wonderfullyc cold man !!! - 3.1 degrees Posted by Hello

mitch me and carmen . holding block of snow.. hmm happy holidays !!! Posted by Hello

Plaza Sing movie theater.... 10 shiok ar... no one in there just us.. our second anniversary  Posted by Hello

oh i should say this is the 1st time we entered a movie teater without anyone in it.. realli cool and you can make as muchie noise as you wan Posted by Hello

Paul and i  Posted by Hello

ME at airport macs... well we were there to enjoy the quiet and cool place..  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

whao it is 2 yrs.. 2 years exactly on this day whao whao i would realli cant believe that paul and i have been together for 2 yrs.. yes there were ups and downs... but i am sure one thing i sure know how i feel for him.. he is one and only person who knows the true me inside.. we can even think what we want and when we are sad.. just through the tone of our voice.. yes i am sure i am sure i will treat him and handle this dear of my with tender loving care... well hey hey .. you know one thing those who tot this was not gonna work out for us .. well see this ... a live example of a dream come true .. well it is not long when things would be about to change i am sure we would be able to adapt to it .. well i had a very fun day with him.. he just reach home.. i go tok to him liaos.. but before i go

PAUL: "thanks dear for the wonderful day and the nice time i had with you .. you made this yet another wonderful anniversary for us and like what you said... many more to come"

ALL my friends (you know who you all are).. thank you for being by us and not outcasting us coz we are together but join us in our happy moments as well as sad... thanks so much ...:)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

hey had a night out with carmen mitch sam and paul and of coz and carmens friends.. but well didn't tok much with them anyways i still had fun tonight.. sam was totalli not in shape lor.. john was suppose to come with us .. fly my areoplane lah !!!! hhaahahz go out with his kahkee.. gerard ... also nv come.. wanna go home eat chilli crab,.. well hmmm kinda feel that,, CB is crowded with a lot of people and the crowd diff from the last few times i went well but i like the song they played.. tonight is shiok man !!! anyways carmen didn't go back with us today ... she went back later... hope she is alive and not dead.. hahahz

hahaz ... well sorry ar very long nv bloggy.. hahahz... well i thinking of designing my blog but well what the hack... wait another day than say lah !!!! well well

Friday, June 17, 2005

whao just came home from prata.. snack .. paul went home i went with carmen to makan .. whao long time nv tok to her liaos.. but well good to hear abt her whereabt.. hmm well this girl ar.. busy ar donno where she will be.. can onli see her shadows around when she is on leave or quit her job.. well good to tok to her lah .. long time nv chat with her liaos..

well hmm i had a very fun time today wit paul around.. wwelll he has been around my house this few months. wonder if he was sick of coming everymorning to my house.. well hmm he said no !!! he is a sweet little boy who cares alot for who he loves most.. and showers them with tons of attention .. hmm wanna know what i mean (get a guy like him STAY AWAY FROM PAUL!!!) haahahahaz

now he still awake and wondering why am i also still awake coz i wanna wait for the timetable oh man this is so bad.. the timetable just found out comes out at 5:30 .. so sitting by comp waiting for the lesson plan to appear.. my is not timetable my have to choose my timetable .. oh man wish me luckie

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

whao today had a fun time.. i went to school.. of coz i was kinda tired and i slept till 12 nn before i headed for school .. well than i drove that .. after CSI at 12nn.... thanks paul.. he is such a dear he went to buy for my dinner. sigh.. he is so sweet .. oh yes of coz i miss him for that 6 hours i was not with him.. he shoulc have gone with me to the talk in SIM it was kinda useful for him.. hahahaz ... learn about uni life.. well anyways yes i would be selecting my course in 3 hrs time.. guess what i am doing now.....

well at 1 am: i just came back from a romantic time with carmen .. whao long since i tok to her.. hmmmm well since she stop her work yeah long long time.. and than she so sweet make for me a hello kitty 3 D thingie.. she was the 3rd person in my life who did this 3 D thingie for me .. hahahazz.....

from 1- now.. i have been vauuming the floor bathing etc.. whao things you should not be doing when you are suppose to be sleeping and even filling up my forms... hahaha

well i donno ijust enjoy my hols now.. hope my time table would not be a screw up later on today

Monday, June 13, 2005

Pooh and the plant Posted by Hello