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Friday, October 08, 2004

hey hey i am kinda very piss off today.. well i donno .. well i was doing some things when i was suddenly thinking of going home and sleep the day away.. well no no i have to study.. exam coming.. but some topics are realli tough.. well anyways.. yes A.b came to my school today and as i am saying this he is making his way down to suntec.. i would just say.. what ever.. well he came to school and nv even say hi.. well jannah started bragging abt him also.. oh WTF!!! well nvm then later i called him to tok but guess whathe ignored my hp and continued his nice lunch with his lecturers.. since i am in no position to bother him.. forget it.. i am so piss.. than i wanted to skip class to meet up with him.. h still nv pick his DAMN phone.. oh nvm ... i shall go for lesson.. i got not a bad grade though !!! oh well sigh.. shit happens.. and you know what. i don care ... i have to take 3 days to get a phone from him.. and all there is ..n u know what i am so piss offf coz he don even care abt it.. i donno.. he say everyon facing the same prob with him.. wel than change it.. kaozzz..!!!

i donno maybe if i type this out i may not boher abt the readers of my blog but well i am entitle to my own comments.. well yeah there are people are care about.. but if they don give a hoot abt me i shall not too.. well be that way than .. there is one particular one i am refering too at this moment .. still angry and piss with sigh!! people nowadays.. still realli wonder what the word FRIENDS stands for?

i went to school today.. joesy went wih me and i also brought xiaoniu he went with paul lah!! well anyways i am so piss off today !!1 day started bad lah.. too tired to think now

Thursday, October 07, 2004

well hey i am sosososo sorry i am so busy well i think i will be killed by many viewers on my blog.. well exams is coming and i am gonna work and study for i.. well i am so stress. today well i am gonna do some amendments to the work !!! and also i am so stress with work .. today is the lst few days of the week and of school.. next week onwards study time.. hahaz .. well yolanda jiejie ask me if i wanna work with her.. she say oki!!! i ask louis to work too.. well hmm hope he will and he actualli consented to it.. whao whao.. but maybe price too low.. he gets 6 or 7 like that one mah!! well anyways.. i am so busy i cant go out at all.. amazingly i am home all day everytime.. work work work and more work.. i am so so going crazy.. today i have 3 sub to do.. stress i have not brought my work to school.. so i going home to do.. well well.. hmm i think today i am gonna tell you till here..

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

well hmm this is my agender for today and for the next week so people if i do not come here.. pls don kill me!!! please i am too stress.. maybe i may blow up..
all those who think i am not studying well hey i am oki!!! look at this
5/10 Motor insurance , Reg Envirnment, Tech analysis
6/10 Workman's Compensation role of CPF in Retirment and also Fund analysis
7/10 BII , estate Planning amd Option
8/10 Money and Fidelity and retirment and also futures
9/10 Theft Insurance Investment planning and Earning Multiplier
10/10 Fire Insurance, Insurance Planing and stock valuation
11/10 no i am not studying !!!! Driving EXAM !!! pls wish me luck
12/10 Property and Fixed Securities and Life Insurance
13/10 Travel and HouseHold Etc and Needs analysis and Unit Trust
14/10 Concept of Insurance PFStatement, Trrading om stock mkt
15/10 Intro to FP Source of Investment and Liability insurance
16/10 concept of investment and REVISION
17/10 REVISIOn for PFP and Investment
19/10 PLAY DAY end of exam .. byebye nyp

Monday, October 04, 2004

well i am so so in pain i tell you today i cant even study .. well my leg got some infection.. all the way man!! my leg all got infection yellow stufff ousssing out.. you know what i mean now.. well yesh i took a cabby to the doc.. the doc was so pack i have to wait i tell you the sun is so hot i cant stand it.. oh man !!! i wanna kill myself.. my leg hurt.. all got pass. .. and i am so in pain.. but well i took a bus to pasir ris there i met matthew foo .. and we went to book i BBQ pit for the church .. as in Fr Brian .. he wanna have it for some things.. social thingie lah!!

oh yeah and also i am so sick and tired of things today mah !! well i am sick this man from the pit booking area told me go see the pit size myself.. kaozzz.. i wanna kill him.. they don accept nets and all. he is so damn firerce.. kaozzz.. he see my darker colour is it... i will turn his pit upside down i tell you !!

yeah i went to pasir ris too.. i am so sick i met paul there took a bus back and tok to him on the way.. i got the infection very pain and all well i am so sad.. today not at all fun paul also got it.. i wonder why !!! nvm it is okie.. all over lah!!!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

well i just came back from MAMAIA !!! oh hey if you all donno what is that.. wel it is some people from australia doing their world tour!!! they used all abt abba songs.. it is a realli funny and nice show.. i like it!! welli watch wit mummy and paull and daddy.. i donno i like it coz we machiam have our own room like that.. very fun lah!!! well and befor that i am toking to paul and gooing out with him.. today i was too tired i just aft a while went home.. i am so so tired.. order pizza .. muahahaha!!!