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Sunday, August 29, 2004

yeah the winner of games day 2004 sec 1 Posted by Hello

louis and step.. oh my this 2 ar.. alamak ve noisy man!! very nice .. one is beilong and another spongebob Posted by Hello

funni face.. this is tthem when they won.. cute gp.. damn on Posted by Hello

well this is pauls and my gp.. have fun or not.. this gp very quiet.. a challenge man!! Posted by Hello

louis gp when just before they started the games Posted by Hello

trust your friends.. you are gonna be wit them for yrs.. just fall.. well it is a very goood reflection on how much you trust your team Posted by Hello

well get yourself wet man!! this is the games day.. come prepared to get wet.. weeeee!!! Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 26, 2004

my class core team for helping in the e-biz seminar..  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

well hmm today when i did the resentation as an emcee it is my 1st time.. but u know what i am happy coz i pass my evaluation so i was ve happy i don think i did good in mc but i don mind it for cca .. hahaz!!! well anyways it was hectic here and there. but good so far.. not bad end early went to find paull .. well must give a.b a pat he so nice lend me his things.. welltoking abt him.. long since i saw him

Thursday, August 19, 2004

hey i am kinda bored in class so i tot maybe i give you all guys an update on myself.. well i had a few days of holiday!!! well it is fun to stay at home.. but well i can say i am kinda stress.. it was just al over.. well i am kidna thinking to myself that hey i cant finish my studying !! today got 2 test i sure die one.. sure man !! yes test over i died.. but it is all over i tried what i can well hey i have 4 test this week you expect my head to bomb ar!!! man you are mad!! next week got 3 test i think i am so stress i broke down today i took my mummy advice and went to sleep i woke up and 6 am and cry father cry mother... man i am so late..i have to get up to study .. i sure die one@!!! argh what the hack nvm die die lah !!! i was angry with my mum but she was out of concern for me

Saturday, August 14, 2004

paul and me did a photo frame each and this is what he did for me.. i like it a lot.. nice huh Posted by Hello

this is alvin and his model stand.. i likt this.. it is done by me Posted by Hello

Friday, August 13, 2004

whao i tell you today is the worst day of my life.. FRIDAY 13.. i am not joking well i had a realli bad day today!! well hmm i lost all my life.. all my hopes.. well i lost everything i have,. i had to walk home.. well true if you all may have guess.. i lost my wallet and hp!! well i was in the toilet and they stole it from me !! i am very very sad.. very piss off with it.. realli i think you all cant have imagine what i had done.. i realli am .. i blame myself for being so forgetful and leave my things in the toilet but i am angry with the one who stole it.. why why why !! why must they steal it from me!!

i lost my wallet .. in it was my atm and cash and even my pocket money !! i also lost my hp and also my membership card.. yeah ppl say maybe if i hadn't lost this i may have lost my life.. yesh maybe that is true..well i dunno i realli am very sad..

well i went to make a police report.. well when i was on my way home i was stop by my stupid security guard not allowing me to go home.. say must walk by the escalator.. sigh !! i think this day is realli fri the 13 and guess what when i got home parent screwed me upside down and well they say i didn;t take care of my things which i do i realli did !! i am just upset wit them cant they see i am oki and alright not dead.. like what paul's grandpa said "they take your things nv take your life can already!! money can still earn .. card can still reapply .. hp can still get new sim card.. but your life.. cant buy or earn or even apply for!! " well yeah i know i was very stupid to lose my things but its gone it is gone.. we tried to call but no respond.. sigh ! still got hope meh!!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Done by me just for Paul!!  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

well now still on the blog yes today is thursday morning liaos but i am still online chatting with louis korkor and doing up my blog and carmen's i like doing the blog well i dunno i seem to like adding things to make it look cute and all ..

i had a very nice day today.. i went to school and for a 1 hr plus lesson hahaz ! what the hack.. well yeah than later i went home.. while on the way back i had a refrashing cup of icecream.. it is such a hot day too.. might s wel lah.. i have been like kinda boiled down with work this fewdays... what ever happened last night was bad .. well i was very down,.. but not today.. well i am gonna see paul tonight.. you know knowing he can come out everynight i am very happy.. well i dunno it is such a nice thing to see him everyday.. well ppl ask don you get sick of seeing him.. NO my answer is no.. nv!!

well we met at tanah merah mrt than we went to tampines.. well i had pasta menia.. i wanna eat that that day !! well okie i finish up all of it .. i am dead hungry today lunch and breakfast nv eat !! well i wack everything of the lagsana.. well carmen still cant beat yours .. seriously !! oh okie !! no more toking i just wanna tell ian .. i miss you !! i will look for you the doggie and send to you .. yea well like what johnboy say i have many friends around me.. well but none can beat the way u treat me and tok to me.. and even play with me since young !!

this was at ian's first communion Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

well i was kinda piss off today but i was even more sad.. i studied very hard last nigth and still i did not do well. sorry ppl i dunno i was very piss today.. well i met paul later in the night he kinda got it from me. he was very stress so poor thing but i still not as undestanding as he wanted me to .. he was piss with me he walked out on me at east coast park..

i was stress with school i wanted to go for the celebration with the NS guys east coast he wanted so much to go i was very sad .. doesn't he trust me and know that i am safe.. !! well i was very hurt.. than he threw me his ATM card and $12 ask me take cab home. but do you thinik i am that cheap!! no hell not !! so i waited there but i got gastric when he left.. my tummy pain .. i ask him back ..i tot to myself that why quarrel so long !! it is okie !! say a little sorry lah !!

i apologise and than i gave him a big big hug !! i don like to quarrel sorry for that paul!! i kknow i hurt him by what i did.. i shant him away when he wanted to apologise.. well at the end of the day i threw all the hurt into the sea.. i gave him back his $12 and credit card!!

Monday, August 09, 2004

in the bus on our way to National Stadium Posted by Hello

At the National Stadium.. bored and nothing to do Posted by Hello

Y"EAH!! Posted by Hello

Tian Tian and her BOYfriend  Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

Candy and Tian Tian Posted by Hello

Candy and Me... behind is the hot air balloon Posted by Hello

Tian tian and me !! well  Posted by Hello

This guy is from Myanmar.. he is a PR in singapore!! realli nice guy don mind being his friend!! quiet and serious Posted by Hello

FIREWORKSSSS!!! Posted by Hello

yeah This is a very nice one !! just the 4 of us !!  Posted by Hello

there goes our taxes!!  Posted by Hello

Whao i tell u wasswept off my feet at this yr fireworksss.. Posted by Hello