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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

hey guys i am sorry i guess i am not updating my blog till today i guess well i am very sad well today paul have been hurt he has sprain his left hand.. so sad.. during unarm combat training he has hurt himself i am very sad i see him hurt like that i try to help but i know there is nothing i can help him with .. well his dad also was hurt today while at work .. hmm well now john also leaving soon.. wel i dunno i realli miss him and realli realli once again i am gonna say this but i am gonna lose him for 1 yr .. well yes he'll be back but whether he will wanna come back is his choice.. well anyways..

just to tell u well u may not read my blog for 2 weeks.. starting from a week ago.. coz i am gonna go off for a break.. me having exams.STRESSSSS realli i mean stress those who know me know what i mean by that.. yes it is building up .. next week paper liaos .. wish me luck keep me in your prayers!! thanks!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

whao just had a very bad dream just now i very scared till now even and as i am saying it !!

it all started with a chalet that we were thinking of having at the end of our yr 2 but now it is a dream .. well yes than i was at the charlet than later we entered we were playing very happily when all of them were lying on the bed in the charlet we have 5 beds in total whao this is amazing 1st time see so nice charlet very cool leh!! than later in the evening while some downstairs bbqing we were upstairs.. FR VAZ if i not wrong or FR MIKE was there! than mervin prakash got possess by a spirit than i was very shock than later luckily i had learnt from FR JAMES last time how to cast out spirits and the spirit was bind and brought to JESUS!! it was scary when i saw his eyes man it was scary! than later when FR say lets go down burn the taro cards which fell out of the cupboard earlier we were about to move when something happened..

have you seen a poker cards before the spade the clubs and blah !! well this is the same the king of clubs but this time instead of a flower or design on tthe reverse side it was another no. eg 3 of spade something like that.. i tot it was interesting but SIQI one of my classmates now said to me it is not like that. the cards are taro cards and the 2 i was holding were a body and a head ,.. scary man i dare not sleep tried to get up but unable to ..

than later i reached below the bed to get the cards for burning i saw a heap of rubbish !! i ask prakash and paul to pull out the beds and true enough you know what we found.. at the same time we saw a meniquin the display set witha evil eyes and all very scary tried to see it but i cant impossible to see.. i dunno why!! well later i was very scared liaos!! prakash said hey why you all nv come help me i very cold here this meniquin very cold.. it was a head less one with a head on the floor.. scary man!!

later we went out and i was thinking that paul had something on his mind i try to read it in his mind !! but no matter how hard i tried i cant i cant it is all black in there scary man!!! it kept bouncing back to the charlet side not his mind!! i wonder why and finally i left and came back to reality finalli !!!

well was just toking to paul and he told me something coz i was realli very agitated by everything i dunno how to tell him he wanna know and somemore so dark here.. than later i said it still he help me interprete it but i dunno if it would be the same as his but this is what i and him feel.. just for youre reference..

he said the room was the world the cold air in the room and the cold meniquin signified the cold world our there who can nv be depended on except your family and the cards showd the evil in the world the temptatiosn and objections and rejections and obstacles i will have to face.. it will come and i will have to stick close to him and hold him close to me !! than later he told me that the people i have dreamed of are people i not close to except him this showed the people who will be there though theymay not be as close to you as you think but when you fall and all this people will also be there to help you they are not as bad a u think they are. his mind and why i cant get in is because mayb sometimsi should not try to prob too much into other peoples affairs and all and just be there for them but do not ask too much about it !! when they wanna tell you they will tell you one !!! yes this is the interpretation of it !! dunno if it is true !! just telling you what he said!! ok ! back to work liaoz bye !!

Sunday, April 04, 2004

well well just ended my birthday party but hey it is the time i realli turn 19 liaos realli but many people say that i dun look 19 GK said i always look 18 to her.. some even say she is still 16 to me .. sigh i n grow up do i .. hahaz i am still so small .. man!!! finally 19 feels old.. different pressure coming in to my ife.. work and stress and money etc!!

well today went to church with paul and my family but went half way i left .. i needed to get something from home i was so stress i just left the mass helf way .. i am stress so i went to find IAN and he fetch me back to collect my things but it was heavy rain i got drench well the whole day rain i getting drench everynow and then,, well hmm later i went for class paul crash my cat class. he was the power point man hahaz hey i was very touched by aunty angela's speech .. it was realli sweet of her to share her life with us.. well i am like so sad this afternoon i didnt makan i just went home and sleep till 1 :30 pm hahahz !!!

when i was back in church acting and then later went out with brothers to makan.. had like a lot of fun hey you know it when i am with the brothers i am always haveing my fill of fun.. they were realli sweet they sang me a bday song att the bus stop.. i was so pai sei lcky no one there man!!!

than later i was given my present.. realli sweet i realli dun need it though i dun want them to spend money on it but thanxs sweetie !!!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

hey hey i am back from my birthday celebration today well today is already sunday morning well had like a lot of fun today.. well i guess i should not just think it is borning everyone but i should thiink that if i as a bday girl enjoying myself or not .. hahaz i like that day .. coz you know why.. me and paul ab nelson mitch joseph gerard andrew johnboy and all are all there i realli enjoy myself.. esp you know what i tot that ian a catheshist was not coming but hey hey he came. i am so surprise.. this is so interesting .. hahahz !!!

well all i can say that i like it on this day .. well this morning paul came to pick me up from my house and then we went out walk walk and when i was thinking and demanding on buying a new hp he coax me into buying another thing you know what i was thinking to myself and i was saying "why spend so much now when i know the hp will drop.. it is onli to show off but if i realli love that phone i am willing to wait a while more.. hahahz" i will wait definitly i will wait for the 6230 .. the phone has many features..

well anyways i went to buy a digi camera instead.. it is much more lasting and all.. i realli like it i like the camera.. i like it ... well i dunno about u later when you see the uploaded pictures of my photos then you tell me if it is nice or not.. the pictures re hell sharp sia!!! realli i like it !! love it man!!!

i spend my whole day enjoying playing with my camera i took a lot of photos .. but not with ab.. he came later lah!!! damn eeeeeenvm lah !!! its oki!! not a worry lah next time lah!!!

well later we walk to MS i saw vanessa off there and then i went home .. i was not feeling very well liaos i realli feel very bad shape not in the mood to chiong !!! oh well iwanna say something to all you friends out there i realli love your preasent.. i realli do not lying .. okie!! i had precious moments figurine and also whao so shiok man!!! this is so cute and than i eyes on something a HELLOKITTY keyboard for a long time and andrew and johnboy bought it for me.. paul got me a necklace it is a cross it is like so sweet on .. and ab got me a necklace too the one i looked at and liked it round christmas time.. hahaz just didnt wanna buy it!!! hhazz but hey guys i realli loveit.. last but not least the best 2 present i got was from paul and mitch .. 1 was pauls digi cam for me and also mitch bough a magnet maker.. something along that likelahbut i realli love it .. she still remember i like to draw and be creative and all!!!

but at the end of the day thanks all of you dearies you have made my day!!!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

hey guys if you have the time do go to the website.. it is realli very nice things inside.. wel hmmm just cam home from school going back for test later wll just finish presentation .. like expected i made many blunders but it was good 1st time so interactive and so no paper at all to look att.. gaining confidence.. thinkingt tat they are kid.. hahaz!! ops!!

well anyways today very happy could have lunch and take many photos with my class mater.. went back with jenna and pritpal to the bus interchange tok on the way hahaz well anyway had a fun time toking abt chioning at chinablack and all .. yeah they tole me abt cheeky monkey and all.. jenna say may join me on my birthday well hey friends out there.. well this is an open invitation if you ever read my blog and interested .. pls drop me sms okie!!

saturday 8pm city hall mrt
venue for dinner : california bistro
aft dinner may pop by nearest pubb or sit somewhere chit chat.. no prob!!