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Monday, September 27, 2004

boy boy this day was another fun day .. i went to church today the rosary session was 196 people strong !! whao whao pack man !! kids were uncontrollerable.. wha!! oh well had fun though the prayer were mostly led by the kids we just help here and there.. had 10 kidss.. heheh!!! joann brother and manfred bro were there. they read.. not bad they were very good.. you know wht amaze me more.. when i pass the mike to joann bro he sang.,. during the pnw of coz.. he was so cool.. hahahz!! i am so amaze.. then nelson sent me home to put carmen guitar mummy sent me to ps.. we had lunch there then i came home.. to rest later we played till the night over at pauls house.. oh well we played sparklers.. it was fun!!! well you know what i was so happy the kids say us they like it too.. oh welll i had fun surly!!!thanks boy..oh dinner at his house was veri good.. prawn wrappers and all !! whao whao !!! not bad.. watch verticle limits.. it is a nice show.. cold sweat no doubt i saw it b4!! i went home fweeling very exhausted today!! super,.. time for a sleep today !!! good sleep i mean!!!
well well i am so so much happy today well not the 1sdt partof the day but the back part of it.. well hmm i was doing my project for the prayer session tonight and louis korkor called me to ask for help in printing things so i printed and all. do up the ppt slides.. well guess what while waiting for paul i tot to myself i should let him have time wit hisfamily but you know what by the time it was 1230 but when he called he can say " hey !! now 8 am i come your house meet you at 9am k" whao i tell you i was fuming not coz he is joking coz this guy is still in bed.. oh man i am so shock.. well he said he wanted time for his family i tot i don disturb him then i go do my own work.. what the hack.. oh man i am so piss.. okie!! all things aside.. well when i was home i do my work i called back half an hour later he still have not left the house.. so I LEFT MY HOUSE!!! i walked out of my house.. and walked aimlessly around my estate.. i was so piss. than later i callled him he say he at my house .. i told him i was at the bus stop he didn't wanna meet me.. well you know what the best thing was !!! i didn't have to built the structure on the stairs at my house and i fell right through it.. as you all know my house there is having constuction.. they built a tempoary stairs i steped on it it broke.. what the hack!! and i fell though it hurt my leg... than he say he don wanna meet me.. all my fault i screamed at him when i called so i was like very sad sad.. tok to him than okie we wmet up.. funny thing is that we were just opp side of the roads.. diff bus stops.. i donno.. when he scolded me he sounded so much like andre lim... realli a lot till i also scared man!! i cried.. i cried and cried.. i am so scared the same thing would happen. fear came all through me.. well but it was all over.. i told him how i felt and onli 2 hrs more to meeting and briefing how to have fun .. well he said can have fun!!! he brought me through the chalton park and he had a fun time with the swings man !! oh it was so fun boy!! we played the playground and all then later ran to the macs at heartland for a meal.. oh i mean lunch1!! meet carmen they all and later had a little briefing!!

louis , carmen , geri, me , paul , andrew... weee whao. it was so cool.. oh okie.. this is a rosary session and intercession .. well have you guys heard kids pray this is a wide eye opener for you when you hear kids interceed.. some of you may think they donno what they are saying .. well think back again to they are the people who god wants to let into the kingdom.. their prayers are the most powerful of all.. well hmm it was a hell loads of experience.. !!!
louis, carmen pnw..
paul, andrew geri and me on intercession.. we are more or less familiar with it than louis .. so we took that.. and i do not wanna tax louis too much on the prayer since his pnw is quite a load already.. he is good today though i must say. poawer man !!!
carmen was power on the guitar.,. hey girl have not lost touch man 2 yrs of not playing is not that rusty la your skills. well miss your playing to be honest!!

i was very hyper.. kumuthan.. paul's fr4iend and geri got it from me.. realli badly..i was suaning and disturbing them.. oh well kumu is gonne get it from paul.. he called me BABY!~!! that the hack!!! he is paul's assistant.. that is the end of him.... hahahz !!! oh okie well later had dinner with tris and geri and paul and saw paul back to camp and then went for prata and home.. well it was very fun day!!!

well dear i have something to say to you .. yes you may some how sound or say things that are alike to andre but you are not him you are the one i love and the one i wanna be with!! fights may come and go but each time this happens it helps me know you more and more .. thanks .. goodnight thanks for he nice day !!!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

yeah took some time.. i would like to say i having a realli bad time doing all my project.. finalli i am on my way to the last day !!! tomolo would be also annother test.. well let me see.. today i have been doing my project !! well hmm wednesday: ppersonal financial planning !! well i am amazed man!!! sigh i got into a lot of arguements !! haahz !! well hmm guess what everything i sayhave been rebuked .. n hey i have tok to shuyi according to alot of people she is one of the well known financial planners in the financial industry ppl of other financial companies knows her.. wel they know her very well and paul told me that .. from a person who donno her at all..

well yesh but unfortunatly me try to work out my butt for the test and the pfp!! and you know what inthu want this and whan that.. i tell you if you are me you wanna give her a slap.. trust me!! i realli do.. realli man !!! well she say hey recommendation is bad this is bad.. here wrong change there wrong so must change!!! how do you feel.. yes all those of you who have been reading this.. yeah this is how NICE this woman whom you all know is.. well today i just realise a lot of other people do not like this women too.. i hate her.. not coz she is dominaring .. coz of her attitude.. someone shouted at her before coz she is like this and like that!! what the hack lah

well today got GI presentation n investment presentation!! and e-quiz.. well hey guess what i am so stress. today got 2 ppt slide to do !! i am so so stress. man!! well particularly.. this few weeks is cut short to 14 weeks.. so we have onli a few weeks to do all my ica.. well all ending soon.. welll lets see.. now on got what other project ..

1 E-biz test tomolo ..
2 E-biz project website
3 CRM project
4 report writing portfolio
5 report writing test.. kaozz trust me i am realli tied down

well hey guys have i not told you i may be heading down to taiwan !! jb i maybe seeing you .. whao i cant wait to go.. well i am so sad.. i have to leave ppl behind.. well i will get things for you guys.. anything in particular you guys wan.. try my best.. but well one thing i will bring for you .. a all new erica!!coz all aunty going wit me kaozzz how not to change.. i miss you jb. okie .. well i go 1st byebye

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

well well i am so stress now.. i am sitting in my room i have 3 things to do.. ppt slide 4 my general insurance and investment,.. oh and event e-quiz.. well i dunno what to do .. argh i am going to tear out my hair soon.. well paul just pluck 10 strands of hair for me.. well i am so stress. i have not been eating very well esp for dinner and even lunch.. well scold me i guess most of you will do that but i dunno i am not hungry i need job done i am so piss off with inthu today!! argh aanother day's story

i went for driving just now and my work is like shit realli man i hate it !! it is so bad!! i bang 2 poles down but what the hack man !!! i nv ever droped the pole.. well i guess i am too stress.. i know bad performance.. but you know what from now on man !!! i have new routes to practice.. i am so so screwed.. sigh!! i hope to pass 1st time.. i don wanna fail.. trust me if i do i will be very very sad.. this blog is going to be realli long long !!!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

well well with regards to my previous blog .. sunday i guess someone read my blog and he was kinda sad.. well hmm it is not that you are trying not to be the third party b/w me and paul. come on it si not the case.. when i knew you i know paul too. why is there a change.. you said that the army change you .. well you can don change.. yes the army has change you yep. but what is inside yo u need not bring it out.. well i m very ssad.. well you think that by changing you will solve everything. you r a friend to me close but i do not know what is happening .. well i do hope the out field is doing you some good.. not scastic but true enough !! well i need a friend like any of my korkor i need friends who will be there always.. why cant this be happening.. why is it so complicated.

argh this women in class is so sickening.. oh man !!! i hate her.. she called me in class i duno how to answer.. well i dunno this yr 3 is bad. teacher is getting from bad to worst !! i am so sad.. life so sad sad one well i am going to change blog skin... i hope it is gonna be nice .. oki better be off choose skin now
hey i am in school now and ijust tok to gerri.. well hmm she is such an amazing girl .. am realli surprise to tok to her.. and nice to hear her voice.. i having investment.. meeting her for lunch and later study in the lib.. go for lesson and will be back to pick her for mass.. ahahz ops sound like a child care.. nono no .. she is always my baby sis!!!

oh this is the gun that i shot with just now.. fun fun fun Posted by Hello

oh yeah this is nice Posted by Hello

buddy eh.. he looks not bad in the no.4 Posted by Hello

paul vs paul.. oh yeah man Posted by Hello

paul and me.. hey long since i took one with him.. 3 yrs Posted by Hello

look at him.. way to go man !! Posted by Hello

paul is going to cross and do high element Posted by Hello

yeah i have to swing across.. and hit the net.. it is realli high.. 3 storey above ground Posted by Hello

i was on the net.. hmm had to swing look at the nex photo you know what i mean Posted by Hello

i just jump from the canverse.. hahaz.. ops.. i sprin my neck.. all army personel scared Posted by Hello

it is the adventure land.. and paul is up there coming down the flying fozx..man it is realli nice to play this,.. 3 storey leh Posted by Hello

trying out a new equip in the army.. not launch !! but nice.. hey i like guns.. Posted by Hello

hey it is my dear on top of the tank.. sorry too far to take up close Posted by Hello

oh LSV.. hey i love this thing.. i wanna drive it.. so shiok man !!! 50 km /h damn fast for them liaos.. the speed and amazing things it can do Posted by Hello

on the truck.. whaowhao .. hmm guys look familiar right!! hmm may join you all know Posted by Hello

i wish one day i would be soring like that.. on this helicopter.. hmm i like it loads.. well nicest pic with paul Posted by Hello

i was suppose to look for some detactor thingie yeah this is me.. at work fun day man Posted by Hello

oh i tell you i love this dog .. i love it.. it is so tame.. o my .. gosh.. from the police force one Posted by Hello

when i was on my way home from ARMY open house Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

well i had fun today so so much fun .. 1st it all started off with having a nice chat wit Carmen !! well i dunno realli miss her.. well i had a realli good chat .. think she will not be able to see this coz i typed this realli late well hmm i have my view later.. i will write it.. but not to spoil my mood 1st .. i have been out with paul well i dunno he was so sweet .. he bought me a doggie.. i named it joessy hehehe.. he is so cute.. it is long since i touch teddy bears coz i have eszemer.. man i hate that.. but later we went to dohby ghaut .. hahaz !! we were eating at pizza hut .. trust me if you realli do .. don ever go there .. try for yourself but don go that pizza hut..

when i went in .. the waitress slam the plates on the desk and took the menu for us.. so rude.. no sorry .. no service at all. than that is just the beginning !! later when i was in the restaurent..but hey u now what no one wanted to take my order.. man i hate it .. than later all of them just walk around dragging their feet as though it was the last day in the place like that .. kaozz so rude.. man i have nv entered the pizza hut like that before.. sigh!!! than the chicken came.. half cook .. i mean drumlets.. oh man !!kill me.. it is bloody.. argh!!! than whn i was there the food was just slide in and slide it.. not place on the table properly .. hahahz!! sigh !! sad sad case man!!! bad servise.. took a feedback form and graded them poor wrote on it.. but had fun coz paul also tot so .. man argh .. forgot to tell you all . when i was there.. i was turstyl.. thay were so long in taking their drink for us.. and even not to say refill it.. man !! later that day paul sent me home and he went home.. to rest .. we tok abt the all was abt him. thinkin he didn't spent time with his family.. i am verty confuse too. how do i enable him to have time with family and me.. well i told him . i need him i want him and i cant bare to leave him but it was to . he can spent time with them by spending time wih his family and leave me to study.. well i don mind.. it hurts but well if itis oki with him .. i don mind!!

well anyways off to some more serious things.. i read something on carmens bloggie.. and i totally agree with it.. well i see more hypocrites nowadays.. believe it or not some ppl who actualli say .. friend friend nice ppl turn out like a total stranger now.. you know who you all ar.. don say it is not me not me .. i not toking abt you !! well look around you .. look at you .. have you ever said a little hi or even bye when i smiled at you .. well and sometimes.. you all just hang in gps and ust forget abt me... well i dunno.. ppl who truely care for me.. i know who yyou are... but those who say aiyah sis sis .. well how many times have you treated me like one.. i dun like it .. it is all my tots none to do with anyone.. hate me if you want.. don tok to me if you like ..but watch yourself and your behaviour.. your are gods child .. so to speak and well why so hypocrite.. be frank.. hate me hate me.. i know many don like me already .. so what is your point.. no harm having another enemy ... i wish for more friends seems like they aren't from church right!! well i have faced things in the past i totally felt hurt by some of your word.. believe me.. well know why i seldom appear in church coz i don wanna see this things ever again!!! not happy with me holding camps ans running the game.. why not you all step in and help and run it yourself.. well if you think you all re almighty .. and so cool take my role.. i will see how well you run it.. i asked for help but no one wanna volunteer all the time.. so from now on .. i will sit back and relax watch the show run in !!! smirks

Sunday, September 12, 2004

well i am blogging for yester and today.. yesterday i went out with AB well believe or not the guy who always says he is butt busy agrees to go out had fun toking to him and being with him .. i was with him onli for a span of 3 hrs. welll i was kinda shock with it when he game me the flowers..i tot we were just friend i and nothing else.. you don have to give me anything.. well yes i miss this friend coz he was once my closest buddy.. but he has change a lot.. much more violent and not as caring as before.. well anyways met him on friday !! and then yesterday went out with him! just to return my book .. later went to morning star met maddie and andrew and even nelson showed them my phone they tot it was from paull the cflowers but no !! hmm they were very sad in fact angry

Sunday, September 05, 2004

since i have the time now might as well updated what i have been through since the time i have not blog a fews weeks back !!! well as some ppl may knoe i was on a one week vacation from school 30 - 5th !! for this week i have not done anything but work work and more work.. sian you know i am so stress onli managed to finished one of my assignment.. oki!! well back to reall stuff.. oh have i told you all abt the open house ARMY.. it was so nice i like it well hmm i met paul lim there. i went with paul. helped me in many ways but ops don tell anyone else.. i think i sprain my neck when i fell from the top of the canverse jump.. very hard cousion !! hhaaz!! well we went for all the SOC.. hahahz it was fun.. paul who cant do the swing trainer could do it now and you know what since that day he can do the swing trainer already.. hahah!! that is my boy !! well anyways !! well he helped me cross certain things like the high elemants.. but well like what he ask me.. do you expect me to cross every thing .. i replied " i do .. but it is ok.. if you cant" i enjoyed the whole day with him.. and then today i am out with him again this time to a more fun place.. it is out to wild wild wet.. i bought a new phone and i brought it along.. well it is a long sad story abt how i got the phone!! hahahz that is for another day!! than later went there it was raining and so cold i tell you .. i am so so cold but none the less went to play.. we took all the ride.. shit man the bike thing on mid air.. oh my it is scary.. try it... well for a person like me i am scared lah 1!! than took the U shape thing whole i almost let go.. but is was fun sitting with him... so shiok .. nearly fell off but i think it hit me on my back and hurts more than anything.. oh than i was at the part where the slidee.. whao like we said wait so long for a 1 min or less slide.. oh man !!!

ok .. back to annother thing.. we went back after that.. i think before that we went to eat ,.. later we played scrable and all... he came over.. and for dinner we ate macs.. oh then later sent him home and now writing this while waiting for your call.,. oh let me see if i can scan the pics of the army open house

Saturday, September 04, 2004

argh why am i always fighting with him.. i am so piss at myself.. no it is not i want to.. well i dunno i wanted to let my mum lighten her load with all that she pays.. so i tot of getting a simcard on my own and pay and he so bo chiap yeah yeah yeah !! you know that kinda attitude.. i dunno but well i was piss cos he just didn;t wanna bother abt anything when i tok to him abt hp.. i dunno he doesn't seee things from my view.. argh !!! so pissing.. work suck so does my relationship!!! i dunno what to do

Friday, September 03, 2004

oo.. like this .. very stylish post Posted by Hello

very cute the way he smiles. very attractive Posted by Hello

Malcolm when he was 9 months  Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 02, 2004

well today not so good. just ended call with paul.. he was busy but i dunno when itok to him abt my hp i wanna get new simcard he like cant be bothered w me.. yeah .. i so wish i have someone to tok to realli man!!
argh well today went to aunts house.. played with malcolm and it was sone of the times since he was baptise did me his godma carried him!!! hahahz interesting eh..show you all his pic

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

today teachers day i wish all teachers.. happy teachers day!! well i realli sorry miss your celebrations but well i got onli 1 teacher to wish though of all.. mm onli in my heart i know who.. shhhh.

well well i dunno man this week seems no rest today i am in the hospital for a checkup.. well it is kinda confirm liaos i got dengue.. well i dunno i gain a lot of weight since then.. hmm looks thin but i am gaining a lot leh.. better start running.. well today i dunno lah .. was tking to paul half way we just squabble again.. i guess it is part and parcel liaos lah!! don worry i am okie!!!now we met and we went aunt house makan and then play uno.. he cameo over my house.. play scrabble with me...