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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

wel i enjoyed my time but not at this moment but when i was at the pub just now i just came back from china black this is realli fun coz i have my darling who holds me so close and just keep my by him whereever i was at the pub./... i got him 2 jugs of vodka coke he was already feeling very hot.. well i was kinda upset with him today he didn't and don like to club and he nv told me he found all sorts of excuse to push it off i was so angry i told him if he don wanna go he could have told me and all other guys told me he don wanna dissappoint me well in this case he could tell me straight but well he didn't .. argh nvm it is all over now he just reach home he had a quarrel with his dad and he scolde me.. sob sob !! i just flooded my room realli very sad !! i know i am the coz of allthis ppl say he has change no i don think so i think he is the same but since he is attached ppl would look at you at a diff angle.. well i dunno than i went home sleep change and then went to meet him he was late so i went walk walk see .. yep than later i went to makan with him we entered ve early lah than tok and chit chat than he hit dance floor hey he can dance okie!! he is not bad !! maybe coz he drank too!! well i enjoyed my night with him i did .. esp jospeh was there so amanda and michelle also so was paul lim !! carmen came later,.. than i left earlier than expected.. sigh well when we came to my house we makana n all he had to leave early i let him go he reached hme he still got scolded.. damn my faul again.. yeah lah okie lah i don wanna type much i go sleep everything will be better tomolo i hope .. but i tok to him a lot just now he fell alseeep but somehow when ppl sleep they always can subconsiously hera you .. i tok a lot to him hopefully he knows

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

was suppose to be home by 11+ but when we were on our way home my house there just now kanna black out.. well the whole of serangoon and singapore if i not wrong black out.. but hey not bad leh the moon is bright enough it just looks like monring !! the early morning light from the sky!!ain .. yes i realised one thing i
well i know he got home he sure got scolded and all.. well i am so sorry i got him scolded again well i came to realise i was that bad to make him stay long well but it was black out realli mean no electricity for an hour for the whole singapore and i was so scared.. we met up with each other and later went to ikea to loook for things and look around!! i like to see things and well silly enough we look and tok abt the kind of house we want to live in next time.. well the bed safe or not the cupboard nice or not the kitchen how it muct look like!! funny right but true enough yes that is what we tok abt.. we had food there than we took a train back home.. well hey you know what well today i was on half day and all right yeah i spend it with him .. we woke up later and later went out to makan and went to his place to sit sit!! his mum was home and later i went to work !! well it is amazing how we can just be together and have so much fun doing nothing

Monday, June 28, 2004

whao it is a real hectic day today man.. it started off with me unable to even pull myself out of bed!! whao the weather is so fine and nice at night and cool in the early morning !! than later at work i have to get myself off my stupid headache.. well in my heart in the morning when the headache was so pain i was like thinking to myself hey should i go home or not.. than since tomolo paul not working than oki!! what i can stay at home.. well than you know what my silly mind told me?

"hey hey why so weak .. if paul everytime can tahan the pain and he gets more nonsence than i do at work why should i just give up so damn easily.. stupid right! in my eyes he is ever so sweet so strong and nv fall even no matter how pain he will still carry on why give up!! i should learn from him .. !!"stupid right all of you must be thinking but trust me u will think so when you have really know him... he can make you laugh and teach u many things you can nv learn outside and give advises like you have nv heard before !! well ask andrew ask micheal and even daniel they will know what i mean !!! He has help them in ways i have not given advice to push them on and off coz i am also one of those who have been moved by his words!!! somemore just to tell you all today is our 1st yr anniversary

well later that day just ate some panadol go on with my work today was slack day i was trying to accomplish some work and i dunno how to write damn it man!!! i have a pjt to do but i just do not know how to do it!! sigh!!! than nvm i just slack on till afternoon before i knew it it is already 4+ coming to 5 going to go home!! hey i did make it anyways!!

later thday day we went to celebrate our 1st yr together!! maybe you all can go zorpia and see !!! i may have uploaded our pics togther !! well it is very nice i tell you some of them!! oh and when we were at the airport we wanted to find for flowers for jiejie coz nelson wanted us to get for her.. so i looked from t2 to t1 and back to t2 again!! oh my i tell you the ppl there are ever so blur and they can say oh t1 have and then went to t1 the ppl say t2 have !! what the hack!!

l;ater called jenny said don have the shop and well we went to t1 and makan !! sandra came very earlier than expected and we went to makan so sweet of her to let us makan with her family !! she was wearing an orange shirt!! oh jenny and luke love it man!! oh niwaes i met amanda and mitch there we took photos too!! later i uploadonline ask them go get it there!!!well hey guys i realli miss a lot of things i wanna say type and type till i forget!!

oh i forgot i wanted to say i asked them wannago out and makan or something aft that than we decided ok we shall go mt faber etc and even clark quey !! than later they ended up in Paul Chua's house!! gerard was driving so sweet of him 7 ppl in the car eat the oil sure alot one!! than later watch some comedy and went home.. but we deciding wanna go chiong this wednesday i dunno if you guys wanna join can come too.. well amanda me and mitch and paul chua/lim too

paul lim was like saying again and again he is out of touch with the church but pls lor i think he is so much in contact with the world and church than i am can!! i have to work and work and moere work !! see poor me !!! sigh sigh... ok i shall not sigh too much i dun wanna grow old so fast!!! yep that was how i passed my day and also SANDRA WELCOME HOME!! or if you call this one lah !! well i know she's leaving in 3 weeks time but well do really take care man !! well i remember asking you if you missed me i was ve shocked to hear that you don miss anything !! well what has happened to you so long since i have lost contact with you !! maybe you are just tired !! niways me too !! see you guys i going to sleep soon tomolo another fun day watching moveie i think

Sunday, June 27, 2004

hey hey it is the 1st yr we are together.. actualli to be exact it is 1 more day to that day .. well i am now at his house blogging my life away!! anyways this day i would wanna say it is very nice of him .. he actually bought a fossil watch for me.. kaoz it is so damn nice i like it alot man !! i like this watch i am sure i will take care of it!!!!!! kaoz to tell u fossil watch is one of the nicest watch in my life i have ever seen .. it is animated for crying out loud!!!

later well let me tell you how i got it .. i have no idea i am gonna have it!! i was going out with him for lunch then today was so hot i am so tired and cranky but later when i saw him i was like much much better.. than later i went down to Swensen to eat with him .. he said he had to go to the toilet and left me there.. later i ordered the food and later when it arrived i was like gan jiong why what happened to him 15 mins still not back than later when ha came back he said he met a friend n raphael on the way well was kinda surprise rapheal was with a girl!! hmm no not he can't get one but so long nv see him now he attached.. kaozzz!!

later he passed me the watch i was so shock !! it is a FOSSIL watch !! it is god.. very very nice.. heart shape animated.. arghhh i am so so happy.. he scared i scold him spend so much money but i was more than happy to get something i all the while eyed on for a long time.. hmm !!! amazing !!!

later we walked and shoped around bought hell lots of things than i went back to his house change my bloggie skin and also update to tell you all how happy my day is with him.. hmm my little got sent angel!!!

"to my dear!! thanks for everything today i had nv been so happy since till i met u!! I LOVE U !! i enjoyed our 1 yr together.. many may say it is nothing 1 yr only .. but so what 1 yr of happy memories is more than enough for me!! i don wish for 1 yr but for many more to come!!"

Friday, June 25, 2004

well well i guess it is a new start !!! a brand new day for everything... i don care abt the past.. it is a brand new day!! gotta tok to derrick from my sch during some ofmy break time... not bad eh!!! he is not such a bad guy as what i tot he was when i 1st met him..maybe it is the scary a beng and can't be bothered with anything kinda attitude.. that make me don wanna tok to him but aft IPP i get to know him better i start to realise that hes a nice person and like toking to him.. when i am sleepy i tok to him i wilbe awake.. trust me it works man!!!
well can say it is a bad day for me too!!

1 i met a new friend at my work place!!! ok well i was on my way out of the toliet and back to my seat enjoying my nice sweet pandan cake when there was this person dressed in jeans and t-shirt saying "hi" to everyone she meets and i was like kinda can't be bothered. than she said "hi henry! hi connie!" than later she chose a sit in front of me..i was oki and than she said "k i'll sit here!!" than laid her ass down but when i took a closer look she was a GUY!!!! ARGH!!!TERRORIST ATTACK !! i nearly puked all my pandan cake off my mouth!!! can't take it !! it is SIMONE!!! the one the whole office have been toking off!! thinking i was expecting a thin tall maybe a little gu niang oh man!!! he is realli bad way bad beyond my expectation!!! than SHE remarked "whao why so hot ar?" i ignore and move to the comp lab!! she folowed.. asking where is the PRUcash brochure scary i told him "do you wan me to get it for you it is there" being a guy u will say oki n thanks but no she said" oh that is so kind of u you're so sweet!!!" eeeeee my hair stood .. okie lah than later till 5pm i just stood there frozen i 1st one to leave office at 5pm

2 i left my keys at work i had to go all the way back there to collect !!!well i was kinda suai today had to go all the wayhome realising that my keys are not there with me but hanging on my locker..sad case man seriously!! brother sleeping soundly!! but nice sweet carmen offeredto let this little stray kitten into her house to rest a while .. she did a risk profiling for me !! so sweet of her and than i had to head back to work to collect keys... SIMONE WAS THERE!!!!! terror!!!! but okie lah i pity him rather than freak out!!

later when spencer on my way home tok to me as i went to pick paul up and he accompanied me till eunos and then he went home he was realli sweet !! k all you pretty girls out there if you are looking for a hunk!! he is realli cute!! (he's tan and tall basketballer and he also body builder.. he works out alot ) kinda yesterday walking with him to the MRT was not that bad aft all!!! it is not as scary considering i am at IBM tower and walking all the wayto MRT in the dark lonely alley.. we chatted quite alot on things like b ball and all..hey john next time when u back i intro him to you he play match every weekend at bedok there with his friends...hmm yes he is an adviser... but well hmm not bad leh!! very nice looking!! i take a pic of him and you guys have a look k!!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

well it was so sweet of 2 ppl in my life that was there wheni was reading half way.. wel one is ZIQI and the other was daniel... well that person who i was disappointed with said "oh i wonder how daniel theyall can stand her.." let me tell you this they know better than u do.. well and they are willing to accept me for who i am ... well yes those who chose to leave and look at me from what they think will nv know who i really am i !!!! well they were like little angels they called just in time... i was in the verge of tearing and my heart was abt tear apart and eh why the hack am i worrying abt this for man not worth my time anymore man!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

well well i dunno i am thinking of something that i saw yesterday night justbefore i slept..i happened to stumble upon someone's blog and i read something that was not realli exactly very nice ... well i just came to realise what kind of person and what am i to this particular friend whom i always tot i was there for all the time... seriously it is the last straw i am going to take from this church !!! seriously./... i have decided that i will stop all relating activities i have with the church except the cat class since i have committed to it... beside thathey u guys u will realli see less of an irritating erica.. who always act cute and all ... well yes everyone is entitles to their own comments.. well i didn't know i was so incapable to some ppl.. and what i did for the damn church of u know where is so unappreciated.. i know friends who do appreciate and know what i feel but hey come on here i am trying my best in every task i do so what the hack!!! i am also sad at the last line of the blog!!
(( i never treated u as a jie so don call me MEI!)) by now u know who you are well i am sorry i didn't know i was so hated by u and so detested when i just can't help out in a camp... well maybe iam able to help out every time at camps becoz of angela but so in everything i do i try my best... well anyways to my own conscience i have done what i can... yes find the games and everything boring but hey the kids have not played it before .... it is only u mah and all the seniors.. if i intro new games u all also donno than you all will say boring so back to square one.. playing games you all know !!! well ok.... enough said..i am felling very disappointed with this person already.. absolutely... well hey so what if i cut my hair.. yeah i was not in church for eyonds and have not seen carine and please don compare me with ppl as i also didn't know that she also cut her hair till the damn camp day oki!!! piss off.. today is just vending my frusttration on things i realli piss off with!!! i don owe any of u a living man !!! if you all hate me so much i shall getout of your sight and i will nv be there to see you all again !!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

today i just stayed at home and slack my life away ~!! well i dunnno my brother have been banging on the piano that he almost forgot his computer.. anyways i am using his comp here.. it is time for me to go watch tv.. i like ths U channel shows now.. !!! anwyays today for me my day has been bad coz i have a very bad mouth pain ulcers all over i can hardly eat i dunno how to bear with the pain !! anyways this is kinda the bad life i am having now !! for today but well like what every one will say bare wit it!! argh i am going on and on abt my ulcer.. bertter go watch show now see you !!! remember to tag okie!!!

oh if you all have any blogs add that you wann me to put up please leave your name okie and your blog add!!! thank you you are so sweet!! see you guuys maybe later or something SMILES**

Monday, June 21, 2004

heyhye i have been sick since friday man !!! now i am back on blogger.. you know why one of the reasons is becoz school starting .. yes i have read and revamp my bloggh looks much better right@!!! hey have u all been .. i miss toking here man!!! caN YOU ALL tag if you all are freee.. well i am now haveing cramps just tok to paul and he was like so busy.. poor him hey you know what i will start writing abt the past events from now on too.. when i m free i have so much to say in such short time .. oh man!! well abt the trip and all do look at the past post okie!! when you see them posted

heyehye i realli wanna tok here. so if you all free tag me or what i know "boy" said he was very tired and all wana read my blog.. don worry i am coming online soon... relazzz i will be back.. maddie!! i will read your blog i have been reading actually but no time to type.. and blog!!!

well let me just say a rough thing abt my work.. it is an exploitation of poly student and if i am not wrong everyone here who have been working and a poly student wwould know what i mean!! well and never am i going to be an insurance agent.. realli i don have the perseverence !!!

work is no like very bad realli am very tired all the time doing data entry and nothing else... well hmm if there is something else i dun mind lah but no i am doing data entry aft data entry.. now you know why i am so sick of comp and do not some on to blog!!!

boy boy it is a-oki to tag all your stress here.. i dun mind just as long as you all don start being anonnymous and tag rubbish lah!!1 well all are wecome to my blog man1!!!!!

I M BACK!!!! hahahahzzz

Sunday, June 20, 2004

today when i was out i was very happy well never in my entire life since i work and went for the trip did i feel so happy!!
like what paul always say !! (((why let a rotten egg spoil the whole basket of egg))) well this code is from paul well anyways it is very nice to go out and tok to him abt your prob.... he is like a supperb good listener.. well i was upset before morning mass and he told me things and tried to sheer me up and i am okie now .. well hmm later in th day we went to look for CRYSTAL for his boss i dunno why he needs to do it but we just went.. my parents and bro went to makan wit us so lunch and all wwas free lah!! later in the day i went to watch a movie with him and we watch the 80 days which i did not get to watch it a few days ago.. so sad!!! oh i mean yesterday!! welll yep yep than later we went to visit archbishop greg yong! he was so haggard.. realli so poor thing i think if you know his legs were as skinny as my wrist okie!! i reall hope you guys do pray for him ! well he is still as cheerful but welll no one can hide his pain for long... and he is also very lonely there too.. reali on one to tok to him !!! so poorthing !! sigh i realli wanted tok spend sometime toking to him but pauls parents wanted to leave.. but i think in the night he must be very lonely!! imagine you alone all in the room !!! that must realli feel bored .. it is like 3 weeks liaos ok!!!
later went to buy gerards hp and had a good time choosing it.. and than later we went back to his house makan and i went home.. reach home abt 11 ++ but i enjoyed my time.. than i tok to louis till 2 am than i slept.. really amazing toking to him .. hes is a good counsellor...well tok abt things and all then shared abt our lives.. welll nice catching up with my korkor

Saturday, June 05, 2004

well just returned from tanjung balai trip whao long time never blog not use to it man!! well hope you all don mind me and my slow hands.. sorry ar!!! anyways i was there for a 4 days trip n i did a lot of things erm hmm i dunno i dunno where to start men!! so complicated and so many things to say within a one day!!but trust me i did learnt a lot of things

on the first day i would say i was so sei man!! well as you all know if those whom i tok to well i did not sleep that night i was doing the admin stuff for the trip well i was very shock ! i could not finish it on my own!! lucky for me i would have to say i have paul to help me with it well read the 1st june blog than you will know !!!

yep than later on in the day i was in the bus well i dunno i was starting to miss someone but well i tot to myself maybe i should just take a break and go give my all the the balai ppl!! i called him on the phone and i gave my last goodbye N i set off for the trip!

well during the trip there were ppl whom i tot i would tok to but end up i didn't tok to them .. even close ppl but i ended toking to ppl who i have not toked to for a long time!! ppl like clement and carine and i caught up with GK andre and Carolyn .. ppl who i have not tok to for a long time.. but what abt those close friends no i didn't realli to them .. oh well i know i really felt korkor nelson's care for me when on the 2nd night he pass me some anti mosqitoes to warn out mosquito..

laer when i boarded the boat i was taking photos with ppl and even ppl i dunno.. well i also took with ppl whom i have not tok to.. well anyways i was very sian on board it was a 1hr 45 mins journey and i was like getting very tired. coz of the last night lack of sleep so i doze off on andre's bag till i was much better.. then later we went over to balai we met fr vasalle (dunno how to spell lah!!) he was very hospitable and he brough us to one of the churches .. it was st joseph's church!! (just for your info there are onli 3 chruches in balai and not all of them have masses everyday like our singapore and onli 2 priest fr V and fr Emmanuel has to do the mass there !! it can be very taxing on them though) well when i was there we found out that mike has left passport on board and they caused some missunderstanding so well fr V solved it for us.. well he is very well known there he is very nice man!! well till the day we left he could actualli send us all the way into the ship ok!! singapore we can't but he can he has such great power!!

later when we were there we went to their restaurant = singapore coffee shop well yes we took a wooden MRT = (singapore non air-con bus) there well hmm it was very fascinating to see my gp ppl really willing to take care of the younger ones.. well they are so small and yet indipendent but all the older ones showed a lot of care for them and took care like peeling prawns and make sure they ate!!

just as what apul predicted i will have to follow close to angela gp so as to keep an eye on the boys greg and francis well well this is realli interesteding to have ppl so young in my gp during sharing there were not much indept more surface sharing coz the younger ones dun realli know how to share so indept!!

when we reach the dormitory some of you may think it is like a run down place but trust me it is much better than all the other camps i had in singapore bathing fac was not that bad but we were the pioneers there the bed was not that bad!! very good in fact but poor thing some of the guys have to sleep outside!! sigh!!

later that day ii went to play volley ball with the balai kids!! well they were very in fact extremely good in their volley ball.. like i told the rest they lead so simple life i think most who went there will not wan to live there.. well it is too simple for them.. according to the girls there they were toking to me they have comps but they do not have internet and they learnt their chinese from our singapore channel 8 so we have to realli speak proper chinese for them to learn. well later on we also played withthe younger kid s.. pri 1 /2 kids they were so sweet !! so cute tooo...well some were notcatholic but somere were..can see it during our night walk .. well we had the stations of the cross it is the live size one!! well one can nv believe what it looks like but just imagine we have to walk the whole 15 stations it must not be very small leh!!!

well i think some of us were lost well as for me i was not realli paying attention i was just thinking on how to finish the candle by the 15 station and make it as short as possible !! than later we had a welcome sesstion with the ppl there it is realli nice but can see they are all 20+ well they were very funny lah!1 welli was resistant to them but they were very open to us!! well they were so nice they brought out the organ to the open just for mass i dunno that was kinda shocking to me their mass was actuali with electricity i tot it would be black pitch dark that we will have our mass but no it is very nicely equip!!

well it is down to the second day well actualli we suppose to meet up wit the kids to teach them but unfortunately . they were on hols today so we had to go onli on the 3rd day !! nvm so many of them went to the community to help with the planting well me and gk just stayed with each other seriously i think this trip i tok to her the most hmm i guess so i think!! we went to see how the women there cook for us.. well they have splandid food to serve us !! and well they use 1 house all family go there and help out to cook .. well like what some say we may just be there to hinder their job but they don mind asking us to help out!!

girls and guys were all helping in the fields those who volunteered to help out in the kitchen ended in the medical centre.. as expected they were very fickle.. well i would stay thre and learn more but no leh they just run around makes me what they are here for !! do they realli wan to help or just wanna go where there is fun !! knowing that digging and changcoalling was going to be tough they chose the easy ways out,...later i just walk around taking photos of ppl digging!! later i slept on the bench of the chapel there. this was the second church in balai!!

like i said most of the guys except the younger ones !! did went for the digging and well they learnt a lot .. they had the help of the balai but i think they planted 80 over seplings see not bad lah!! girls who are more tough went there!!! well i dunno i was like very left out that day realli much though!! than i just tot of coming home i just miss paul so much !! really feel like packing up going home and all man!! but well nelson saw me through when i say i miss home.. well he knows what i need most!! hahaz seldom hear me feeling home sick now i do absolutely!!

later that day we had an early day than we went to see the indo way of praying it was just bible sharing and all .. well it was very traditional really but well i was very shock when dodo was made to translater for us.. he can realli translate chim english to balai!! well he is our short cut translator!!! he cuts long story short.. well no wonder he got very good result for malay lah!! kaozzz so smart !! even immaculate heart of mary he knows how to say it in malay!!

aft that we went to sleep lah !! i was very tired just ate one instant noodle and knock off well i tot of having the fan blowing at us the otheres were like kinda selfish and took the fan to themself !! kaozzz gu niangs!! our double deckers have no fan hot man!!!

the weather there was not very goood lah it was very hot aft bathing you will sweat there immediately!!erll that night i just look at my note book and went to sleep !! i have something there that i love a lot i just stared at it and slept !! ppl who knows me know what is in it !!

4/6: one more day to going home i realli wanna go man!! i dunno i wanna see someone i dun wan the life in singapore but i want someone !! well i can have the best of both worlds either one i guess.. i wanna teach today so i stayed in dorm and prepare things for teaching we had to role play !! hahaz!! yes well it was like chicken and duck toking but was fun they were dun very cute way of presenting !! after that we went to another community for mass and also meet up with the ppl there !! and also our guys lah!! oh teaching them was very tough like what colin would tell the guys!! imagine ar!! " you guys move rocks from one place to another but we squeeze water out of rock" they just refuse or scared to speack!! but they can actualli speak !! well they need to confidence!! oh later it is like as though you are like a star like that they all come with their pen and paper n tell you to sign for them and all they were like so cute.. it is as though we are like stars or something .. the girls were very sweet !! "remember to send my egards to daniel and micheal ! and mike has a gift from a girl tooo !! so cute right!!

that day i was very shock i tok to carolyn she was kinda sad abt how come ppl think so deep!! i guess she is like me don think too deep into things and all but when she starts thinking she is very scared coz during sharing i think some of the older ones scared her!! we had pnw and i drag her along she ended up having a good time!! hey you know ppl tot i am lesbian when i am with her.. why what is wrong with hugging each other in the morning when i wake up!! she was very cute when isee her in the morning she will come and hug me !! and tok to me she is like so cute!!

5/6 finally going home but when before that we had mass and when during mass we were very shock everyone was in singapore when it was offertory there was offertory mass!1 there was such a thing you mean!! yes than later that day we had gp photo taking 80 of us went + balai youths.. well during mass gk was being harress by some kids !!!poor girl then i change place with her i took over her place.. hahaz!! kids didn't dare touch me!! haha!!later there was a demand for mike and there was nearly a stampeed !! well they were rushing for the lolipop. well it is something so small that if you give to singaporean we won't even wan it but give it to them they are so eager to have it than later i came home took a ferry home that day !!!

well you know what when i 1st touch down from bus the 1st person i saw i was very happy i hugged him and he tot what realli happened to me well he kept asking but i just said okie i am fine later mummy came and fetch me and we went home change and went for dinner !! later that day i met daniel i just went to hug him so much and he ask me how was it i said it was good wonderful in fact !! i miss him so much !! (nv miss ppl so much before) i dun think i would wanna leave this ppl sides anymore .. even my mummy and daddy !! my brother too

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

whao looking at the time now i am kinda worried man !! donno tomolo will i be awake in time to meet the rest to go to tanjung balai!! well now paul helping me wit the name tags!! man it is kinda diff coz it is 80 ppl in total i am like very tight for time!!

anyways how was my day today well i am kinda very tired actualli well i dunno coz today suppose to go down to sfx for mass but then can't go coz i got a lot of things to do !!yes and also a lot of work has not been donw yet as in the admin things!! well later i also tok to paul and he didn't wanna pick me up so i was like very LL lah!!! than i went to meet up with him that night aft i am better and i have done most of the job!! i went there to meet him he than pass me his bag.. he was so sweet oki!! so nice of him to pass me his bag !! it is abt my size or slightly more bigger than me!! yes when you see me in it you will know wat i mean !! hahaz!!!

well i willnot blog much today coz i think i will have to help him or else both of us can't sleep today man!!! btw hey you guys happy vesak day !!! i will not be able to wish you all as i will be heading to tanjung balai but here is an early greeting to you all